Domestika Diary: Olga Prinku

The creator of flower on tulle embroidery takes us on a walk through the British countryside, where she finds inspiration and flowers for her creations

Olga Prinku (@oprinku) is a designer and maker who created the flower on tulle embroidery technique, where she embroiders dried and handpicked flowers onto tulle.

A trained graphic designer, Olga adapted her design skills to her botanical surroundings to create her unique and elegant style which has seen her collaborate with Swarovski, Anthropologie, and Ruth Eaton London.

In this Domestika Diary, Olga shares her florally-inspired daily routine and creative process with us:

Olga first experimented with wreath making and flower styling before developing her trademark technique: flowers on tulle.

Based in the green (and rainy) north of England, Olga is blessed with an abundance of beautiful botany nearby: if her plants aren’t picked from her own garden, she forages them on local walks.

Whether it’s the shape of a seed head or the color of a flower, the landscape around her or a passing owl, nature is Olga’s thread and she looks for beauty wherever she can. As she puts it, “even weeds can be beautiful.”

After she’s done foraging, the plants need to be dried as soon as she gets home and wherever she can find some space: in the studio, the laundry room, or even the bathroom. After that, it’s time to create.

As she explains, working with flowers requires delicacy, patience, and the “right frame of mind.” It’s a slow process as each element is fragile but, in time, her creations bloom.

If you enjoyed this Domestika Diary and would like to learn more about how to embroider flowers on tulle, keep an eye out for her upcoming online course on Domestika.

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