Domestika Diary: Elaine Li

Art director and photographer Elaine Li shares her process for capturing cityscapes

This year, coronavirus has had an impact on nearly every sector, and for industries like travel photography the sudden restriction of movement has come with a unique set of professional challenges. But just because travel is limited doesn’t mean photographers still can’t turn their lenses onto their home cities, finding new ways to capture iconic landmarks.

Elaine Li is a Sydney-based art director and photographer who specializes in cityscapes and travel photography.

In this Domestika Diary, she explains what lenses she likes to use and takes us on a sunset photoshoot of the Sydney Opera House while sharing tips and recommendations about how to take dynamic shots.

Using natural light, Elaine aims to capture the dynamic energy of urban landscapes, framing her scenes with the elements and architecture that surrounds her. Her work includes collaborations with brands like Canon, The North Face, and Netflix, as well as with tourism boards from around the world.

During her sunset Opera House shoot, she shares her tips, which have been honed through her photography trips across the world, on how to use interesting visual elements in the environment and how to capture low shots across the water.

If you want to learn more about urban travel photography for Instagram, keep an eye out for her upcoming online course on Domestika!


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