Domestika Diary: Luli Reis

The illustrator who specializes in botanical watercolors shows us her creative routine in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she lives

Luli Reis (@lulireis) is a visual artist, illustrator and designer, specializing in botanical watercolors. The daughter of biologists and a lover of art, she was able to combine her passions in illustrations full of style and beauty, which she exhibits in galleries and sells through her online store.

In this installment of Domestika Diary, Luli give us a glimpse of her routine in her studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she lives. Discover more below:

Luli’s day begins sharply. Moving from “cups and cups” of coffee, the artists does yoga exercises to energize herself and “wake up the body” before starting to deal with the orders her shop receives. Then she starts painting, inspired by the nature around her, the plants she keeps in her home and the botanical books she collects.

Alone, or with the company of her cat, she usually spends hours in her office coming up with ideas for new projects. “Like any freelance illustrator, I keep a planner that’s carefully organized. It’s fundamental to know what it is you have to deliver, and when” she says.

If you want to discover different techniques of botanical illustration with Luli Reis, don’t miss her next online course on Domestika.


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