Domestika Challenge: Create a Carnival Tiara Using Unusual Objects

Can designer Fernanda Guimarães create a Carnival tiara using only the items hidden in our surprise box?

For Fernanda, creating hair accessories and head adornments means celebrating the best in people: highlighting our positivity, brilliance and originality.

Fernanda Guimarães (@contatocancan) founded CAN CAN Accessories 11 years ago. Her company specializes in designing collections of unique accessories touching on subjects like fantasy, brides, festivals and nature. She includes nature in her designs to generate inspiration and protection, with materials like shells and semi-precious stones.

We challenged Fernanda to create a Carnival tiara out of a series of unusual objects concealed in our surprise box.

Discover how she got on:

If you’d like to learn the basics of hair accessory design and how to create a collection, don’t miss Fernanda Guimarães’ online course, coming soon on Domestika.

English version by @studiogaunt

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