10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Enjoy these incredibly creative cake designs by artists with large followings on social media

Cake designing is a decorative baking technique that proves you can eat something with your eyes. Even the most greedy, those who never say no to trying something sweet, would probably be left speechless in front of such masterpieces and hold back for a minute. These artistic creations deserve time to appreciate their colorful look, rich in textures and endless details.

Creative bakery is also perfect for a visual channel such as Instagram. By visiting the #cakedesign hashtag, you can get lost among the number of real masterpieces, in all styles and from all over the world.

Historias Del Ciervo

With the recipes for these cakes, you can also find hours worth of sketching, planning, and designing. The results, as you’ll see along with the post, are spectacular.

Check out the 10 cake design accounts you should keep an eye on for inspiration.

Historias Del Ciervo


The author of the creative baking blog Historias del Ciervo and teacher at Domestika (@historiasdelciervo) has made his fascination for cakes a way of life. He presently devotes himself to creating pieces as dazzling as they are delicious. As a cake design teacher, he gets to travel the world sharing his technique.

The pastry shop was the place he used to feel safe expressing his creativity, but now his Instagram account has over 349,000 followers. Some of his cakes are the definition of spring: full of sugar flowers, such as classic and garden roses, peonies, narcissi, poppies, and buttercups, and other foliage.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 4
Image from Historias del Ciervo’s Instagram account.

Patricia Arribálzaga


From her workshop in Sitges (Barcelona), Patricia Arribálzaga makes sophisticated, elegant cakes with a classic touch. Se also produces cupcakes, candy bars, decorative cookies, and all kinds of sweets.

She is also the author of four books, including Fiestas Dulces (Sweet Parties), awarded the Best Book of Spain 2017 in the Entertaining category by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, and Cakes of Haute Couture, for which she won the Best Pastry Book of Spain in 2014.

Patricia is a world leader in contemporary pastry making: she executes her creations as haute couture outfits.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 6
Image from Patricia Arribálzaga’s Instagram account.



This Argentine's passion for cake decorating and baking began more than 20 years ago. Since he was little, Carlos Lischetti enjoyed being in the kitchen of the family home in Rosario. As his hobby turned into a career, he continued to work in Rosario until his growing curiosity led him to attend courses in Paris and London.

His brother Elio is in charge of making the sketches, which he then turns into reality with a very characteristic style. His specialty is character design.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 8
Image from Carloslischettiofficial’s Instagram account.



“For years, fondant and designer cakes have been my best friends and my worst enemies. My obsession with perfection reaches an extreme that I have to stop cooking for a while. After a time, I am back to work, with renewed energy and the desire to elaborate new ideas and enjoy myself,” says Juan Andrés Gallardo.

The cake designer and food photographer likes to play with colors and relates them to the seasons of the year. Gradients and textures are his hallmarks, and he believes that symmetry and color are a winning formula for the success of a cake design.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 10
Image from eldulceobjetivo’s Instagram account.



If you thought that origami had nothing to do with pastry, you would change your mind when you meet this artist. Paper is one of Meru’s sources of inspiration, and she manages to recreate its texture to perfection.

Once she creates her base designs, she dresses the cakes in origami pleats that add more personality. The result is exquisite. If you want to know what the basic materials and origami folding techniques are, find some information here.

Also, check this video showing 5 Interesting Facts About Origami.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 12
Image from meruyert_nursila’s Instagram account.



The world is a better place if there are cakes in it. In this account, you will find a universe of cakes for all occasions: weddings, children’s parties, photographic shoots...

Imitating textures such as marble, playing with impossible volumes, or defying traditional color palettes are some of the challenges Russian artist Rustam Kungurov overcomes on a daily basis.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 14
Image from tortikannuchka’s Instagram account.



Kylie Mangles not only wants to surprise you with her creations but also make you smile. Her star recipe is a combination of pastry making and graphic design. In her cake of Ralph Wiggum, the character from The Simpsons, she managed to recreate all his internal anatomy, which went viral on social media.

This work of art was inspired by an illustration by graphic designer Eric Flores. Kylie wanted to turn a 2D image into something edible and she did it in just 5 days.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 16
Image from letterpressbakery’s Instagram account.


United States

Liz Marek is the artist behind this account. She is passionate about discovering new techniques, trends and ideas and then sharing them with her followers.

Her most surprising cakes play with realism and illusion, but she also loves creating more traditional cakes. She encourages people to follow her recipes step-by-step with motivating and optimistic energy.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 18
Image from sugargeekshow’s Instagram account.


United Arab Emirates

Within the universe of cake design, some artists opt for a particular theme, like this sugar flower artist. Delicate petals wrap her romantic and expressive cakes.

She usually works with soft and relaxing colors, but she also dares with riskier suggestions. Each of the artist’s cakes represents a unique personality.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 20
Image from shafaqsbakehouse’s Instagram account.



Raymond, also known as Ray Ray, is the self-taught artist behind this Instagram account.
As often occurs, after a long time of persevering, what was just a passion, became his profession. Rymondtn specializes in celebration cakes and desserts and experimental cake design for events, product launches, and styling.

His exclusive decorations and artistic sense have attracted publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Huffington Post. His abstract cakes are impossible to label, but they will definitely inspire you.

10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram 22
Image from rymondtn’s Instagram account.

Do you follow other cake design accounts? Share your favorites with us in the comments so we can also enjoy their works of art.

Do you want to learn the art of creating amazing cakes? Sign up for the course Cake Design: Modern Decorating Techniques and learn with Julián Ángel, international cake design instructor, also known as @historiasdelciervo. You will be able to create spectacular creations even as a beginner.

English version by @acesarato

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