Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style

Learn these basic tips for generating content and finding your own style with Derio Ilari

What is the secret to success as an artist or photographer on Instagram? It would be too optimistic to believe that there is only one magic solution, but what is clear is that looking at the advice of those who have managed to make their profiles a success can greatly help us improve our fan base and the quality of our posts.

That's why commercial photographer Derio Ilari (@derioi) has shared his five fundamental tips for creating your own style on your Instagram profile, working on concepts ranging from your personality as a creator to the style of your photographs or images.

Discover them in the following video:

1. Find your personality

Be yourself. Do what you like and transmit what you have inside you most, through your images or photographs. You can be inspired by other photographers or artists, of course, but the most important thing is that you don't betray yourself. That's the only way you can have a unique profile.

Oh, and you don't even have to be in your pictures, if you don't want to. It's not so much about being identified with a face, but with a way of looking at the world.

Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style 3

2. Be informal

We don't have to be stiff or look like tough guys on social networks. Laughing at oneself will help you connect with others: stories are a good way to show ourselves as we are and connect with our followers, even if you want to take more care with what you post to your feed.

Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style 5

3. Look for the element of surprise

Make sure your photos or images have a surprise factor: if you were to go to the Eiffel Tower, for example, you should make the extra effort to find an original composition, something outside the norm and different from what you might find on Google Images.

Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style 7

4. Be patient

Don't be in a hurry: accounts are very difficult to grow from one day to the next. You will have to be persistent, uploading photos frequently, so that your followers do not abandon you and you can attract more of them.

Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style 9

5. Keep editing in mind

Remember that practically everything that is uploaded to social networks has been edited: clipping, masks, colour correction... don't forget this when you take your photos. They don't have to be perfect right away, but you can correct some of the imperfections.

Instagram Tutorial: 5 Tips to Create Your Own style 11

If you want to learn how to make, retouch and publish photos with your style on social networks, try out Derio Ilari's online course 'Photo Composition and Editing for Instagram'.

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