9 Free Procreate Tutorials to Quickly Improve Your Skills

Master Procreate and learn to illustrate everything from Manga comics to gifs to fashion croquis with these tutorials

Digital illustration has relied on several major software programs over the course of its history, from FreeHand to Adobe Illustrator, via CorelDRAW, and many more. Now Procreate is dominating the scene. This iPad illustration program has quickly become very popular with illustrators and visual artists thanks to its low price, wide toolkit, and very intuitive controls.

Mastering Procreate is an essential skill for any illustration, animation, or lettering professional wanting to stay in touch with major market trends and the creative opportunities this app provides.

Procreate is the main illustration software for the iPad.

We’ve curated a list of tutorials by digital illustration, visual arts, design and lettering experts with extensive Procreate experience to help you master this leading package.

Watch the videos or click on the red titles for more information on each tutorial and become a Procreate pro.

Procreate Tutorial: How to Create Lettering Textures and Brushes

Messages can communicate more than just words when they’re styled with beautiful, standout lettering. That’s why Procreate is such a great tool for digital lettering artists, offering a range of brushes with different textures. If you want to create something a little different, and uniquely yours, you can make your own Procreate brushes from scratch.

Jimbo Bernaus (@jimbobernaus) is a graphic designer and lettering artist whose clients include BMW and Carlsberg. Working from his studio in Croatia, Jimbo often incorporates his bold and lively lettering into colorful illustrations. Join him in this step-by-step tutorial as he shows you how to create your own Procreate brushes using only a photo.

Procreate Tutorial: Basic Actions for Working on an iPad

Combining some traditional interface elements with iPad-enabled features, like hand gesture shortcuts, the Procreate app makes it easy to begin illustrating without having to deal with a major software learning curve.

In this tutorial, illustrator Samuel Rodriguez (@samrodriguezart) shares the basics for how to get started with Procreate, showing you how to set up a new document, manipulate layers, and use time-saving shortcuts.

Procreate Tutorial: How to Digitize Your Comic Sketches

Nowadays, practically all comic book artists have to know how to work both in analog (with pencil and paper) and in digital, taking advantage of the drawing tools offered by programs such as Manga Studio or, more recently, Procreate.

In the following video tutorial, comic book creator and multidisciplinary artist Charles Glaubitz (@mrglaubitz) shows you a step-by-step process for importing your paper sketches into Procreate and working to achieve a fully digitized comic book.

Procreate Tutorial: Key Animated Illustration Shortcuts

Procreate is a popular app among illustrators because it’s very intuitive and easy to use on the iPad with either your fingertips or a stylus. Plus, learning a few keyboard shortcuts will help further streamline your workflow.

Illustrator Martín Tognola (@martin_tognola) has over 25 years of experience and an extensive client portfolio including The New York Times, BMW, Samsung, and Citibank. He recommends a few easy Procreate shortcuts to speed up your animated illustrations.

Procreate Tutorial: How to Create a Gif Using Static Images

Natalia Rojas is a Colombian designer and founder of the Los Naked graphic design collective. She specializes in creating online content that speaks to social media audiences.

In her tutorial, Natalia teaches you how to create animated GIFs that mimic traditional animations using Procreate.

Procreate Tutorial: Inking Techniques

Procreate features a range of resources that allow you to give your creations a professional finish using simple tools. Illustrator Óscar Lloréns’ (@ollorens) body of work includes creations for Coca-Cola, the United Nations, and Cirque du Soleil - as well as artistic pieces exhibited in Spain, Mexico, France, and China.

An expert in this versatile program, Óscar teaches you his inking technique. Often used in comics and classic manga, the classic drawing method involves inking the outline of your sketch so you can color it in later.

Procreate Tutorial: How to Draw a Croquis on Your iPad

Fashion brings together professionals from a range of backgrounds and combines art with history for unique designs. And illustration is a medium through which you can transfer new ideas for styles from your imagination into something real.

Combining digital and manual techniques to illustrate your fashion collection enables you to maximize reach by sharing your designs with thousands of people.

Fashion illustrator Carol Gomide (@carolinepgomide) is passionate about this creative industry and set up her Depois das Quatro brand to focus on styles by famous designers. In this simple tutorial, Carol teaches you how to easily create a croquis using wardrobe and body proportion techniques.

Cartoon Tutorial: How To Draw Characters with Personality

Pencil, paper, tablet, computer: when you're in the early stages of planning a new character, you’re sure to think about the different physical tools you'll use to design them - but what about creating their personality?

In this tutorial, Venezuelan (and Mexico City-based) illustrator and designer Ed Vill (@edvill) shows you how to develop a “psychological” profile for your character and shares advice for using those personality traits to bring them to life.

Illustration Tutorial: Basic Concepts of Female Anatomy

To draw female characters, firstly you'll need to understand the basic concepts of female anatomy so you can create balanced and proportionate shapes.

In this tutorial, freelance Brazilian illustrator Natália Dias (@nataliadsw) will show you how to draw a female body by simplifying the silhouette into circles and curved lines. Using Procreate, she'll teach you to check the proportions - particularly focusing on the shapes of the neck and head - and modify incorrect lines with the liquify tool.


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