Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

Artist, Educator & Illustrator

Cruz Bay, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Dietrich Adonis (Ordoñez)

🇻🇮+🇨🇺= ARTist, TEACHer
BFA in Illustration University Of The Arts
M.Ed in Art Education Temple University ~ TylerSchool of Art

I’ve been teaching and showing my work over 30+ years. Teaching in public schools, on a collegiate level and art museums. I like passing my artistic knowledge on to the next generation. I’ve been drawing from an early age, started drawing from comic books and watching sci-fi on TV and the movies. My fifth grade art teacher got me interested in the Olde Masters that’s when I realized I was a creative person deep inside.

I’ve taught Art History, Humanities, Graphic Design and Animation at the International Academy Of Design and Technology [IADT] at various campuses in Florida.

I’ve painted murals, worked in small ad agencies as a production artist, staff illustrator, designer and storyboard artist. Also lettering/coloring independent graphic novels along with teaching graphic narrative.

Creator of COVID WORLD: 19 graphic novel.

Originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands, living in Florida. Cuban heritage on my father’s side: we had diverse Caribbean/ Latin American culinary, cultural and musical influences in our house from listening to Son, salsa, merengue, Bossa Nova to Calypso & Reggae to eating arroz con pollo, picadillo, mofongo, rice & peas and acki and saltfish. Played lots of dominoes too! Growing up on the Islands has a profound effect on my work.

A vegan wannabe who likes to jog, bike ride, watch baseball games. Also a foodie, amateur techie; into guitar/ukulele, reading & cooking.

Doméstika courses provides the energy, creativity that I’m looking for to expand and enhance my artistic pursuits. I like being able to go back and review / refresh the courses anytime.

The lessons in Spanish make me feel at home, and I can apply what I’ve learned in real-world applications.

The 🥛 is always 1/2 full!



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