12 Free Photography Tutorials To Become a PRO

Get ready to learn amazing techniques to improve your photos’ quality

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of learning new photography techniques and explore new creativity challenges, search no more!

Expert photographers will show you in these free tutorials easy steps to capture intriguing subjects, stimulate your creativity and even try some adventurous artisan and digital techniques. Are you ready?

You can read the full instructions by clicking on the red title of each tutorial.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Sharpen Your Images

There are numerous reasons why you should sharpen your images before publication: it can compensate for blurring caused by equipment, make your pictures more vivid, and make them easier to read, as will show you photographer Mikael Eliasson (@mikael_eliasson) in this tutorial.

Photography Tutorial: How to Set up a Self-Portrait

Laura Zalenga (@laurazalenga) is a photographer passionate about the art of self-portraits, and in this tutorial, she shares three different ways you can set up your own self-portrait photoshoot easily and effectively, depending on what tools you have available.

Photography tutorial: How to freeze motion

One of the endless possibilities that photography offers is to capture the movement, that is, capture objects or subjects that pass very fast in front of our camera. At first glance, it may seem like a challenge, but following some simple steps by photographer Jesús G. Pastor (@jesus_g_pastor), we can freeze an entire scene or even just the most dynamic subject on a photograph.

Photography Tutorial: How to Photograph a Sunset

Sunsets are a popular photo subject, but low lighting, a short time window, and their wide range of colors can make them difficult to capture. In the tutorial below, photographer Nico Ferreyra ( [@nicoferreyra6) guides us through how to prepare, plan for, and shoot photographs of sunsets that are unique and visually striking.

Photography Tutorial: Why You Should Have an Artist’s Sketchbook

For photographer Dara Scully (@darascully), visual culture is essentially having a library of images, ideas, and inspiration that you can draw on when the time comes to create. In the video below, Scully explains how and why she uses an artist’s sketchbook and shares the basics on how to start your own.

Photography Tutorial: How to Make a Pinhole Camera at Home

Nowadays, almost everyone can take digital photos. But if you want to go that bit further and you’re a fan of a more artisanal approach to your photography, we’ve got another option for you. Fotolateras (@fotolateras) show you how to make a pinhole camera with simple materials: a metal box, black paint, black adhesive tape, aluminum adhesive tape, and a drill.

Photomontage Tutorial: How to Create an Artistic Narrative

Camera, Photoshop, and lots of imagination. You don’t need much to tell a good story with a picture. In this tutorial, Carlos Herrejón (@carlos_herrejonn) explains the basic elements for creating a narrative through photography and creative editing on Photoshop. Internationally celebrated for his surreal style.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Replace The Sky in Architectural Photography

The sky is one of the key elements of architectural photography. In the following tutorial, Daniel Garay Arango (@danielgarayarango), a photographer specialized in black and white architectural images, explains step by step how to edit the sky in your photographs to obtain professional and spectacular results.

Photography Tutorial: How to Solve Problems on Location

Ambient photography allows you to capture the essence of a space through its best angles, lighting and arrangement. As a photographer, you will not always have the opportunity to check the location and its light conditions in advance. In this tutorial, Tuca Reinés (@tucareines), photographer and architect, teaches us how to solve problems in an interior photography project.

Mobile Photography Tutorial: How to Take Photos of Models with Natural Light

Although professional photographic equipment and studio lighting are ideal for a good photo shoot, we don’t always have access to that kind of material. That’s why Nay Jiménez (@nayjimenez), a publicist and photographer specialized in art direction, has shared this series of keys to an at home photo shoot, with natural light, using only our smartphone.

Photoshop Tutorial: Step-by-Step Tips for Retouching Skin

Instagram (and social media in general) are the new place to be and be seen. Everyone wants to enjoy looking around during their visit. Which might explain Adobe Photoshop’s epic popularity as a portrait editing and retouch tool. Photographer and graphic designer Nina Bruno (@ninabruno) specializes in this powerful image-processing package. She has a few tips for beginners looking to improve their photos.

Photography Tutorial: Creating a Set for a Self-Portrait Shoot

To make an impact, apart from emotion, a self-portrait requires a well-planned set, which incorporates different elements. Danny Bittencourt (@dannybbittencourt), a photographer and writer, shows us how to create the perfect set and tackle the technical and conceptual challenges posed by a self-portrait shoot.


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