Top Tips for Using Copywriting to Strengthen your Personal Brand

Copywriter Carla González lists the importance of language when building a communication strategy and offers tips to improve your texts

Marketing is not a religion–although some may disagree, but we think the following biblical verse is fitting: “in the beginning was the Word.”

For Spanish copywriting specialist Carla González (@carlagoon), great brand ideas and product concepts are shaped and developed on strong linguistic foundations. Copywriting has an essential role in this process.

It is vital to know how to select the appropriate tone and the best words and create a unique style to strengthen a personal or company image.

Nowadays, we need to choose our language carefully in order not to offend different sensibilities. We asked Carla three questions about the importance of editing when creating promotional text. Based on her answers, we have put together three great tips on using copywriting to strengthen your brand. Let’s have a look at what she suggests:

 Top Tips for Using Copywriting to Strengthen your Personal Brand 1
Carla González

We live in an image-based world where people read less and less. How can words reinforce a brand, product, or message?

I am the first to admit that people do not read. Is that true, though? I read less than ever, with so much information being fed to us. We do not exactly live in an image-based world but in a world of rapid communication. More and more information is coming through, which is why we want everything quickly and spoonfed to us. We don’t want to make any effort, we get bored very quickly, and we are ready for the next thing to come. I am like that too. It is true that, nowadays, we watch more videos and read fewer books, but the videos are made up of scripts written with words: Instagram videos, series, public speaking, whatever that may be. Words still exist and have the same power. The only difference is that they have adapted to a new format. Or do you believe that memes would have the same hilarious impact without text?

Is copywriting the final touch in the branding and communication process, i.e., the cherry on top? Or is it the opposite? Is it really the starting point when building a strategy?

Copywriting as a tool in the branding process is as important as the other aspects, for example, graphic design. It all starts with the same brand placement strategy. This is where you create your personality and generate a whole universe.

On one side, the naming process, the brand’s verbal tone, and the texts originate from the copywriter. On the other side, the visual identity and the design of all the necessary elements are the art department’s domain. The ideal setup is for the designer and copywriter to work tightly together to build a strong identity, starting from the same brief.

 Top Tips for Using Copywriting to Strengthen your Personal Brand 3
Carla González

What are the practical uses of copywriting to strengthen a brand?

A copywriter is not merely the person writing the texts. A copywriter thinks, comes up with ideas, offers solutions, and shapes these using words. To believe that copywriters only write is to have a limited vision of what they can do for your brand. This is why a copywriter must analyze and have clear in their mind what you want to communicate and what you want to build. Copywriters tend to come from the world of advertising and marketing and know all about strategy, communication, market analysis, creativity, etc. They are a key figure whose role is sometimes reduced to having the ability to use words.

Furthermore, and as a final point of contact with an audience, a copywriter must also know the rules of the medium you use to connect with your audience, what to communicate, and how to do it. A sort of Google Translate between the languages of marketing and reality.

 Top Tips for Using Copywriting to Strengthen your Personal Brand 5
Carla González

So, it is essential to:

  • Have empathy when connecting to an audience through ideas and words.

  • Create a unique, diverse tone that connects with the target audience, but at the same time considers the brand’s personality. Just because your target is Z, you don’t have to speak like them.

  • Use language that adapts to different communication channels without losing even a smidgen of your personality.
 Top Tips for Using Copywriting to Strengthen your Personal Brand 7
Carla González

Have you enjoyed Carla’s tips? You can learn all about building a communication strategy through language in her course, Copywriting: Define the Tone of Your Personal Brand.

English version by @acesarato

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