What is Copywriting?

Find out about copywriting and discover its infinite possibilities with creative director and copywriter Erica Igue

You may not be aware of it, but you will have already heard, seen and read texts trying to convince you to buy a particular product or click on a link. You’re probably reading this article precisely because something someone wrote on social media drew your attention to copywriting.

In the following video, creative director and copywriter Erica Igue (@kikaigue) explains what copywriting is, how it’s used and how to tell a variety of people, from your mother to your best friend, what it’s all about.

Check it out:

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of turning ideas into concepts and words in order to convince, tell a story, sell products or spread ideas. This simple concept requires creativity and skill to grab and hold attention when a user browses websites, social media, videos, podcasts or even watches TV.

It’s also a very common digital marketing content production strategy, often used to convince readers or a target audience to do something: sign up to a newsletter or bulletin, download something, buy a course or watch a video. A good copywriter turns a simple, ordinary action into an easy and often fun experience.

What is Copywriting? 4

What are the career opportunities in copywriting?

For Erica Igue, a copywriter is “someone who writes persuasive texts that make you want to buy something you didn’t even know you desired.” So copywriting opportunities are found in businesses that need to sell something.

This means you can work practically anywhere as there are opportunities at advertising agencies, start-ups, retailers, content businesses, stores in an insane variety of niches, and at many other businesses.

Remember that Erica Igue teaches you how to turn your ideas into words and create powerful texts in a range of formats in her online course: Copywriting: Principles of Writing for Advertising

English version by @studiogaunt

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