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5 Online Courses to Learn 3D Animation For Beginners

Learn how to use different programs and techniques to improve your 3D animation skills

The world of 3D animation is becoming more and more popular, and it’s no wonder given all the exciting possibilities it offer. Moreover, you can choose from many software options that could fit your skills level and preferences to match your projects needs.

Whether you are taking your first steps or improving your 3D animation abilities, these five courses will inspire you to reach new levels in your professional career.

Introduction to Voxel Art for Character Design, a course by Zach Soares

Step into the Voxel art universe, to create your own fantasy character made entirely of 3D cubes with Zach Soares, a self-taught Voxel artist with almost a decade of experience in the field. Start from the very basics and work your way up to creating a full Voxel render from scratch.

2D and 3D Animation with After Effects and Cinema 4D, a course by Andrea Gendusa

Through the perfect combination of Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, Italian animator Andrea Gendusa has created the ultimate animation dream team. In this course, you will learn to combine 2D and 3D animation techniques to surprise your viewers, adding depth to your animations and breaking the linear limits of 2D.

Animation for Typographic Compositions, a course by Holke 79

In this era of GIFs and videos, even the lyrics can use some animation to stand out. In this Domestika course you will learn to take your typographic compositions to a new level, using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite to bring words to life with animation effects with the help of designer Holke 79.

Animation Techniques with 3D Effects in After Effects, a course by Moncho Massé

D animation is usually linked to 3D animation programs such as Maya or Cinema 4D, although this depth effect can be created with other softwares. The illustrator and animator Moncho Massé uses Adobe After Effects to create his funny animations to which he often adds a three-dimensional effect.

3D Animation for Non Animators with Cinema 4D, a course by Zigor Samaniego

Designer Zigor Samaniego has built his own ecosystem full of characters, many of them animated, who tell their own story and have already become a hallmark of identity. In this course, you will learn how to squeeze all the possibilities offered by Cinema 4D to create 3D animations, easily and quickly, and that will help you to make your projects stand out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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