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3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit

A course by Arturo Bustíos Casanova
Architect. Tulsa, Chile.
Joined November 2019
, Architect

Create an orthogonal plan of a home step by step using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology

  • Best Seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 99% Positive reviews (540)
  • 17234 students
3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit

Create an orthogonal plan of a home step by step using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 99% Positive reviews (540)
  • 17234 students
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Arturo began his interest in architecture through video games, seeing how 3D buildings were designed within a space, and it’s thanks to software like Revit that he is able to express his architectural creativity to the fullest. Now a certified Revit professor in the school of Computer Design Chile, and with over 9 years of experience in designing commercial and private architectural buildings, Arturo specializes in BIM (Building Information Modeling) architecture design, working on major architectural projects in Chile.

In this course, learn how to design and model a home composed of five rooms with Revit, using Arturo’s BIM methodology, learning each step to create a professional architectural 3D render and create your final presentation boards, ready to present to a client.

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mariami_nishnianidze_99 29.10.2020 at 14:53

I took this course two days ago with no knowledge of revit, this is my first time with this program and I'm so amazed where have you been Arturo before. you teach it so clearly and understandable , you make me fall in love with revit thank you ... I recommend it everyone who is a beginner and want to learn it just in a few days.

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About this course

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. Revit approach
  • U3
    U3. Advanced modeling
  • U4
    U4. Obtaining information and data
  • FP
    FP Final Project
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Start the course by learning about Arturo’s professional journey, from his student days to today, going through some of his influences to inspire you in creating more complex models, and a brief explanation of what you’re about to learn in the course, as well as key concepts of BIM modeling.

In the second unit, see how to format your Revit software for the modeling of your DOM house, learning all the key components involved in the BIM methodology. Discover its interface, commands, and all the necessary tools to begin. See project concepts for 3D modeling, along with its types, instances, and properties, learning the techniques to create an ideal visualization of your project. Learn how to create axes and levels that serve as guides for our model.

See Arturo’s complete methodology to create your DOM house model, starting with the vertical elements such as walls, columns, and curtain walls, as well as seeing how to modify windows and doors. Then, learn how to create horizontal elements like floors, suspended ceilings, and more.

Move on to more advanced modeling techniques, seeing how to modify material elements, how it affects your overall model, as well as other ways of adding more detail to the overall design to add more graphic expression. Conclude your modeling by creating a staircase and banister using basic parameters.

Design the section and elevation plans to better visualize the morphology of the model and give it a better graphical representation. Learn how the visualizations of your model work, so you can control what is featured in your planimetrics. See how to create a table of elements based on the model you created, learning how to change elements in a quick and easy way.

Finally, see how to create your presentation boards and export them in different PDF and CAD formats.

What is this course's project?

Model your own DOM home composed of five rooms on Revit software, using a BIM model with a 1-2 level of maturity.

Projects by course students

Who is it for?

For architects, designers, builders, and engineers that want to start learning how to create a BIM model.

What you need

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, as well as 3D modeling programs such as SketchUp is ideal, although not essential to take this course.

You will need a Windows computer that complies with Autodesk’s system requirements for optimal rendering of the Revit software.


17234 Students
540 Reviews
99% Positive ratings

Arturo Bustíos Casanova

Arturo Bustios is a Chilean architect with over 9 years of experience, specializing in BIM (Building Information Modeling). After studying Architecture in Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile, he went on to study his Master’s degree in Politecnico di Torino, Italy, to then go back to Chile and further his knowledge in Universidad Católica de Chile and CDC Chile, obtaining many certifications in the architectural software he currently uses to model his designs.

Arturo has been at the forefront of major architectural projects, designing hospitals, an airport, major commercial buildings, as well as private homes. Currently, he works as a BIM Manager and architect for Grupo Arquitectos® de Chile. Besides, he is a certified Revit Architecture Instructor and teaches at Computer Design SA.


  • U1


    • Presentation
    • Influences
    • What will we do in the course?
  • U2

    Revit approach

    • Knowing Revit
    • Assisted design commands
    • Concept of families, types and instances
    • Creation of axes and levels
    • Creation of annotations, dimensions and texts 1
    • Creating annotations, dimensions and texts 2
  • U3

    Advanced modeling

    • Wall design
    • Wall design 2
    • Column layout
    • Curtain wall design
    • Curtain Wall Design 2
    • Inserting doors and windows 1
    • Inserting doors and windows 2
    • Floor and ceiling design
    • Element materiality
    • Cover design
    • Stair and handrail design
    • Design of ramps and components
  • U4

    Obtaining information and data

    • Design of cuts, elevations and views
    • Table creation
    • Create presentation sheets
  • FP

    Final Project

    • Introduction to Revit

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3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit. A 3D, Animation, Architecture, and Spaces course by Arturo Bustíos Casanova Best Seller

3D Architectural Design and Modeling with Revit

A course by Arturo Bustíos Casanova
Architect. Tulsa, Chile.
Joined November 2019
  • 99% Positive reviews (540)
  • 17234 students