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5 Free Tutorials on Digital Marketing to Succeed on Social Media

Learn the experts' secrets to highlight your personal brand by upgrading your social media strategy

For many creatives it can be frustrating to see that their audience on their social media channels is not growing as expected. Knowing how to take advantage of the possibilities of social networks will help you reach a global market, make your work known and position yourself in your sector.

Learn with these 5 experts on digital marketing practical and effective tutorials so that your social networks reach their full potential. Just click on each video to check out their tips!

Instagram Tutorial: How to Create A Content Strategy

Creating and maintaining an efficient social media strategy is a daily challenge. While not impossible, it requieres care and attention. Dot Lung (@dotlung), Social Media Strategist, teaches you how to create content strategies for all five Instagram channels (IG Feed, IG Stories, Featured Stories, IGTV, and IG Live).


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