• 10 Female Geeks Who Changed History

    10 Female Geeks Who Changed History

    Celebrate the lives of ten women whose nerdy obsessions changed the world Those who show a lot of enthusiasm for niche subjects, solve problems quicker than everyone else, or prefer to spend their free time furthering passion projects instead of socializing, often get labeled "geeks". It is a word that has been used as an insult to banish a person or group of people to a particular corner of the school cafeteria and make them feel ashamed of their talents and achievements. However, being a geek is something to celebrate, which is exactly why Geek Pride Day was created in the late 90s/early 00s, held annually around the world on May 25. Geeks are usually gifted and unfazed by the idea of being different. Throughout history, their dedication to their specialist subjects has resulted in outstanding contributions being made to society. Today, we’re celebrating ten real-life women whose nerdy obsessions changed the world.

  • 18 US and UK Museums You Can Visit Online in 2021

    18 US and UK Museums You Can Visit Online in 2021

    Take virtual tours of some of the best galleries the US and UK have to offer to celebrate International Museum Day Museums are slowly reopening their doors, and art lovers are all extremely thankful for it. However, it may still be difficult to book a visiting slot, and while we patiently wait for things to truly go back to normal, we may still want to access collections from the comfort of our homes. When the first lockdown happened a year ago, museum experts, historians, curators, and photographers around the world took it upon themselves to ensure we could go online and visit art and history collections while we were confined to our four walls. International Museum Day seems like a great opportunity to invite you for a virtual tour of our selection of British and American museums. Enjoy, anytime, anywhere! Science Museum, London This world-class museum has a collection of 325,000 objects and archives and ever-expanding digital resources. You can find all the stories behind the most fascinating, historically significant. and awe-inspiring objects that have shaped the world as we know it.

  • 5 Online Mexican Art Exhibitions to Visit on Cinco de Mayo

    5 Online Mexican Art Exhibitions to Visit on Cinco de Mayo

    Immerse yourself in Mexican culture and explore this rich mix of art, from Mesoamerican stone carvings to 1940s film noir May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, the yearly anniversary of Mexico’s defeat of the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla back in 1862. While in Mexico, this day is only really recognized in Puebla, in the USA, it has morphed into a big, commercial celebration. Why is it such a big celebration in the USA? It began back in the 60s, when Mexican-American activists started to raise awareness of this historic event to honor their heritage, and bridge the gap between the two cultures. Cities with large Mexican-American communities subsequently started to commemorate the date with parades, parties, mariachi music, Mexican folk dancing, and traditional foods such as tacos and mole poblano.

  • Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?
    Kino und Video

    Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?

    Discover the life and work of the award-winning director, writer, and editor of Nomadland who made history in 2021 Chloé Zhao is the name on everyone’s lips after making Oscar history as the first woman of color to take home the Best Director prize. Having already won a number of awards for Nomadland, including the top prizes at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and both the BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Director, the world was poised to see if her poetic drama starring Frances McDormand would triumph at the 93rd Academy Awards. It did. Not only was Zhao awarded Best Director, Nomadland also picked up Best Picture and Frances McDormand took home Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film.

  • The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    Learn about the life and career of the composer and multi-instrumentalist who know teaches a course on Domestika Carlinhos Brown (@carlinhos_brown) was the first Brazilian musician to be appointed as Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture and to become a member of the Oscars Academy. He is a singer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, a judge on The Voice Brasil, and has worked on The Voice Kids. He will also soon publish a course on Domestika. In the course Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm, the artist demonstrates the power of percussion instruments, not just for music but for universal communication. In addition to shedding light on his career path and influences, Carlinhos talks about the power of percussive communication, taking us on a journey through his ancestral past in which he will present instruments from different parts of the world. The course also covers topics such as composing and arranging and include tips on recording and editing. Be sure to check out the trailer!

  • 20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    Discover these essential creative terms that are sure to come in useful for your projects To broaden your vision of the artistic world, it is important to get to grips with the concepts that are currently making an impact. Not only will doing so turn you into an expert in your field and expand your vocabulary, but it will also improve your understanding of different disciplines and the work of other experts in a more precise way. The following list features 20 concepts that will help you to perfect your knowledge of creativity. You will find definitions of documents such as a brief or a portfolio and discover what makes sketchbooks and mood boards such valuable tools. You will also explore color theory, learn why NFTs are taking the digital art world by storm, and find out about professions such as art directing. If you want more information, you can read the articles in full by clicking on the red titles. What Are NFTs, and How Are They Transforming Digital Art? On March 1st, visual artist and musician Grimes sold some videos for $6 million. And on March 11th, a single jpeg file sold for $69 million. What do all of these works have in common? Well, they don't exist in the physical world. In short, an NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data that functions as a unique signature, a digital certificate that certifies the authenticity of a creation. In this post, we reflect on how NFTs benefit the art world, the risks they pose, and why people are concerned about their environmental impact.

  • Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees The World Press Photo Contest recognizes the best visual journalism of the last year, rewarding images and stories in eight categories: Contemporary Issues, General News, Environment, Long-Term Projects, Nature, Spot News, Sports, and Portraits. This year, 4315 photographers from 130 countries entered 74,470 images. Of the 45 photographers nominated, only 10 are women. Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees, two of whom have just been awarded first place in their categories.

  • 10 Online Digital Architecture Courses to get started in 2021
    Architektur und Räumlichkeiten

    10 Online Digital Architecture Courses to get started in 2021

    Professional architects and founders of major studios teach these essential courses Architecture is an old trade–as old as civilization itself–but one that demands constant learning. New CAD programs, new ways to show projects to clients, or visualization techniques are just some of the things you should familiarize yourself with if you want to get started in the world of architecture. With these 10 digital architecture courses, you can learn them from scratch: Introduction to SketchUp, by Alejandro Soriano The first step to mastering digital architecture is to know the secrets of the software tools you will need to advance professionally. SketchUp is one of the most popular ones, without a doubt, and you should learn to use it if you want to design and model all kinds of objects and spaces in 3D quickly and efficiently.

  • “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    Sagi Haviv explains how the rebranding of discovery+ and Panda Global logos helped his team to reinvent their working methods In March 2020, when the pandemic hit, like everyone else, we were nervous about impact on our business. There were two main worries: one, that clients might be skittish about initiating or continuing design projects when the world was in crisis. This worry very quickly lifted when we discovered that many companies were eager to use the downtime of the pandemic to continue and even to accelerate their engagement with us. The second concern was more existential: working collaboratively and in person—both within our office and with our clients—has been at the core of our practice for decades.

  • Bullet Journal Tutorial: How to Use Basic Symbols

    Bullet Journal Tutorial: How to Use Basic Symbols

    Learn the basic symbols used in bullet journaling and how to make a key for your own journal, with Annie Weir Bullet journaling was designed to help people organize their lives and bring clarity to their minds using a simple and flexible system made up of basic symbols. Annie Weir (@a_journal_by_annie) has been bullet journaling since 2017, combining her passion for lettering and illustration with a place to store her ideas, thoughts, and memories. In this tutorial, she shares how to use bullet journal symbols and how you can make a key for your own journal.

  • Bullet Journal Tutorial: Ideas To Improve Your Hand-Lettered Fonts
    Typografie, Kalligrafie und Lettering

    Bullet Journal Tutorial: Ideas To Improve Your Hand-Lettered Fonts

    Improve your hand-lettered fonts, with bullet journal expert Annie Weir AKA A Journal by Annie A bullet journal offers a way of documenting our lives with craft, care, and calligraphy. They require us to take pride over not only what we write but how we write it. Annie Weir (@a_journal_by_annie), the bullet journalist behind the page A Journal By Annie, is an artist who uses her bullet journals to practice mindfulness every day. In this tutorial, she shares a few basic tips on how to improve your hand-lettered fonts.

  • Discover the Colors That Will Trend and Triumph in 2021

    Discover the Colors That Will Trend and Triumph in 2021

    We analyze the main color trends in fashion, decoration, and design so you can use them in your projects For Eva Heller, author of the book The Psychology of Colors, colors - and how we perceive them - change according to context. This is how we connect colors with experiences, languages, thoughts, feelings, and times. For this very reason, brands, designers, artists, and specialists regularly focus on the color trends of the year or the season, since these will be the colors that will express the feelings and emotions of the moment and will reach the largest number of people.

  • 5 Key Tips to Make the Most of Online Education in 2021

    5 Key Tips to Make the Most of Online Education in 2021

    How do you decide how to educate yourself? How to get the best out of being a self-taught learner? Many of the most important structures in our lives have been profoundly changed in recent months. Our habits have forcibly changed. However, despite some limitations, new possibilities have also been created. Acquiring new knowledge, tools, and techniques through different online education formats has been one of them. Now, with so many possibilities, how to choose what to train for? And when we do, how do we take advantage of it? Patricio Oliver (@patriciooliver) has been teaching Illustration and Typography at the University of Buenos Aires for two decades. He is also one of Domestika's teachers. To discuss important aspects of online education, we talked with him about how to be a good self-taught student in 2021. These are his key tips:

  • 20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021

    20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021

    Get inspired by the most successful craft artists of the Domestika community in 2020 Craft has acquired many followers, but the image it evokes can be old-fashioned and doesn’t reflect the many possibilities it offers. For this reason, crafts are often considered an unsung category of the creative world. The best way to learn about this art form is by exploring what contemporary craft artists are doing to innovate and rejuvenate old techniques like embroidery, ceramics, collage, and crocheting. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to prove it. Reset and change your Instagram feed, with images from creatives from around the world that will surprise and inspire you to take on a craft. Kathrin Marchenko (@kathrin_marchenko) Inspired by fashion and haute couture, Moscow textile artist, Kathrin Marchenko, uses tulle and colorful threads as a canvas and creates art pieces with 3D effects.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of 2020 on Domestika

    Top 10 Creative Projects of 2020 on Domestika

    We have compiled a list of the most-liked projects to be shared by the Domestika community in 2020 There are only a few days left of the year, so we want to present the projects that have received the best feedback from the community out of all of those published in 2020 on Domestika. As was the case in 2019, the projects of the year are dominated by the medium of illustration. Final projects for different courses have also made the list, while fantasy and poetry have been celebrated as much as hyperrealism. Illustrator Adolfo Serra also gets a special mention for having authored two of the ten final projects to make the list. These are the top ten creative projects of 2020 to be published on Domestika: My project for the course: Watercolor Illustration with Japanese Influence, by Jessica Alvarez (@vanila_ryder) This final project, which was created for Flor Kaneshiro’s course, is titled Mandado. In this artwork, Jessica–the author–draws on Japanese influences, yet takes it a step further: she combines oriental techniques with a Latin American aesthetic inspired by Mexican markets.

  • 21 3D Artists You Should Know in 2021
    3D & Animation

    21 3D Artists You Should Know in 2021

    Meet some of Domestika's Instagram top 3D modelers and animators 3D modeling and animation are disciplines with a bright future ahead. Used in cinema, advertising, social networks, and even art galleries, these three-dimensional sculptures that come to life continue to leave us all in awe. Each artist has their own different techniques and style, but they all have one thing in common: they put countless hours (sometimes even days) into the smallest details in order to achieve perfection. Even the most minimalist work has a high level of complexity and requires focus and expertise in several creative areas. Do you want to discover the many faces of 3D and animation? This list of artists who stood out on Domestika's Instagram in 2020 is the place to start. They create characters and entire worlds using only software and incredible skills! Alex Z (@ghost3dee) Alex Z is a 3D animator who creates fantastic scenes with organic and natural movements, confusing even the most skeptical observer.

  • 5  Socially-conscious Artists Creating Art Out of Waste

    5 Socially-conscious Artists Creating Art Out of Waste

    Turning waste into works of art: meet inspiring artists from around the world For centuries, humans have exploited nature. The monstrous amount of waste we produce is an issue that socially-conscious individuals have turned their attention to. Today, creative people around the world are making art out of waste. This choice of material causes us to reflect on what items we discard and push as far away from our lives as possible. In this sense, an artist's decision to put these items into a museum as part of exhibitions is very provocative. We have selected five artists whose work you ought to explore: Vik Muniz Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is one of the most well-known artists working with waste, with his work having been exhibited in MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. In the documentary, Lixo extraordinario (Extraordinary Garbage), Muniz recreated masterpieces from art history, such as the Mona Lisa, with peanut butter and jelly. He used leftovers from a macarronada (a typical Venezuelan dish) to recreate Medusa’s panicked face in Caravaggio's famous painting, and used scrap metal to create a world map. The pieces are full of irony, forcing the spectator to question what can be labeled “sophisticated” art.

  • Find Inspiration for Your Next Tattoo

    Find Inspiration for Your Next Tattoo

    Discover the trajectory and references of Chilean tattoo artist Polilla Tattoo Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory states that small decisions can have profound consequences in our lives. Florencia Landaeta, better known as Polilla Tattoo (@polillatattoo), is living proof of this. After her husband — back then her boyfriend — gave her her first tattoo, the graphic designer became interested in this discipline and found a calling she continues to follow to this day. Moth fell in love with the trade, which allowed her to keep her interest in drawing. Three months after that first session, she held her first tattoo machine.

  • 10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    Natalia Escaño shares some simple tips to boost the position of your pins among the top search results Pinterest is one of the most visual social networks, with a search power comparable to that of Google, but basing its content strategy on aesthetics and being a tool to find inspiration. This makes it a handy tool for creatives, artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and even companies who want to share their products differently. Natalia Escaño (@nataliaescano) is a designer and illustrator and one of the most prominent Pinterest influencers in Spain, with more than a million followers and a portfolio of clients that includes brands such as L'Oréal Paris and Disney. As a great connoisseur of this platform, at both a user level and business level, she knows what it takes to stand out with attractive, eye-catching, and extremely visual content that will surely resonate with the audience. Here are the 10 fundamental tips from Natalia Escaño to improve the SEO of your Pinterest pins:

  • What Is Ikebana?

    What Is Ikebana?

    Discover the ancestral Japanese art of arranging flowers and the best-known styles Ikebana, also known as Kado, is an art form that uses floral arrangements as a medium, following pre-established rules and symbolism. In Japanese, the term means both "to give life to the flowers" and "floral arrangement". The other denomination, Kado, means "the path of flowers."

  • 20 Illustrators You Should Get to Know in 2021

    20 Illustrators You Should Get to Know in 2021

    Domestika's Instagram followers share the artists that have surprised them in 2020 Social networks are bursting with creative talent waiting to be discovered. This rings especially true for illustration, an art form that, increasingly, helps us connect with our own tastes and deal with difficult circumstances with humor. You simply can never follow too many illustrators on social media, and that's why we have created a list of artists you need to discover before the end of the year. Willian Santiago (@williansantiagodg) A vibrant and explosive color palette is the hallmark of this Brazilian illustrator who combines digital and analog techniques in his works.

  • 5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots

    5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots

    Available for a limited time only, these classes will teach you make-up techniques for a photo series Make-up often plays a fundamental role in the creation of a photograph. Whether you’re working on a self-portrait, artistic photo series, or fashion shoot, the right look can save hours of post-production work. We recommend that everyone working both in front of the camera and behind it learn the basics of working with make-up so that they can efficiently solve any problems that might arise on set. These five free classes will guide you in what you need to know, whatever your studio role. Free Class: Make-up for Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography In this class, from the Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography course, photographer Krishna VR shares some simple tips for doing one’s own make-up. The expert explains how she has learned different techniques online. In this lesson, she advises how to match skin color and avoid a lengthy post-production process.

  • Krizia Robustella’s Upcycling Tips to Renew Your Sportswear

    Krizia Robustella’s Upcycling Tips to Renew Your Sportswear

    Get inspired, learn to customize your sports garments, and create stylish clothing through upcycling Barcelona-born Krizia Robustella (@kriziarobustella)has been working as a fashion designer for over ten years. Her mother was a fashion wholesaler and named her after the Italian fashion brand she had seen in Vogue in the 70s. Her fate was decided on that day. She presented her recycled 90s tracksuits in the Ego de Cibeles catwalk in 2007. The press called her style Sport Deluxe. From that moment, her collections have been part of the Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week and the 080 Barcelona Fashion. She also sells them in her shop in the Catalonian capital. Read on to discover how she creates two sports outfits out of an old sweatshirt, using upcycling, and see a gallery of her pieces.