• Materials for Building Scale Models

    Materials for Building Scale Models

    Find out what materials are necessary to start building your own models with Julieta La Valle Whether it’s for an audiovisual project or an architectural one, models are one of the best ways to visualize a space. By reproducing an idea in three dimensions, even on a small scale, we can give form to our imagination and better understand the textures, proportions, and other elements of our concept. Sculptor, director, and art director Julieta La Valle (@julietalavalle) specializes in making miniature models for video and art projects. Below, she lists the materials you will need to make your own models.

  • Learn how to create a page of a pop-up book with Silvia Hijano Coullaut
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    Learn how to create a page of a pop-up book with Silvia Hijano Coullaut

    Silvia Hijano Coullaut teaches you how to create and configure the main pop-up elements of a pop-up book Pop-up books refer to those that, when opened, have elements that jump in front of our eyes creating incredible effects. Silvia Hijano Coullaut (@silvia_libracos), the founder of the Libracos studio, is a true expert in paper engineering. In this video, she shares with Domestika, in the form of a small creative tidbit, part of her process for creating a pop-up book. Silvia Hijano shows you the combined technique of a basic "V" mechanism with tabs, combining a folded paper—a kind of simple origami—that will fill the whole scene horizontally once the page of the book is opened. Learn how to create pop-up elements of a pop-up book:

  • Tips for illustrating your own lettering
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    Tips for illustrating your own lettering

    Sindy Ethel shows you techniques to illustrate letters by hand Combining lettering and illustration will help you create unique and eye-catching designs. Bringing these disciplines together will also allow you to experiment with different analog and digital techniques to obtain results that will surprise you. Below, designer Sindy Ethel shows you some simple tricks to familiarize yourself with letter shapes and get you started drawing your own:

  • What is Photo Composition in Photography?
    What is

    What is Photo Composition in Photography?

    Discover this type of photographic composition where the only limit is your own imagination Although, when we talk about photo composition, many will think of linotypes used in graphic arts, in photography, it has more to do with creative collage and photo retouching. What is photo composition? It is a photographic style that consists of creating images from several photographs. To obtain good results in photo composition, it is not necessary to use many media or extremely sophisticated cameras because the success of a good composition lies in the concept behind it. What is required are high-quality images and, above all, a good command of photographic retouching to ensure that, however unlikely the resulting photographs may be, the look is completely realistic and close to what a picture would look like without intervention.

  • What Is Crowdfunding?
    What is

    What Is Crowdfunding?

    Learn about this practice that can help turn your big ideas into reality Over the last ten years, the concept of crowdfunding has evolved considerably, becoming one of the practices that generates the most funding around the world. In the beginning, it was a way to support a cause through donations. However, today, big projects have come into existence thanks to this practice: from music productions and films to the launching of start-ups that have revolutionized industries. Below, Juan del Cerro–a top promoter of entrepreneurship in Latin America and director of Disruptivo.tv (@disruptivotv)–talks through using this innovative method to make the most of your network of contacts and turn your big ideas into reality. What is it? Crowdfunding is a practice that allows you to finance projects with the support of entire communities. It is based on the idea that it is much more difficult to get one person to invest a huge sum than it is to get people from your intimate circle (including friends, family, collaborators, coworkers, followers, etc.) to support you with smaller sums that, when added together, meet the target you need to finance your project.

  • Calligraphy Tutorial: Basic Brush Pen Strokes

    Calligraphy Tutorial: Basic Brush Pen Strokes

    Learn the basic strokes of brush pen calligraphy with Ana Hernandez The brush pen, with its ability to create organic calligraphies, has become one of the most used tools by some of the most remarkable artists in calligraphy. Although mastering a brush pen requires time, there is no doubt that it is one of the most amenable techniques for those who are just beginning to create letters. In the following video tutorial, graphic designer and specialist in calligraphy and lettering Ana Hernández (@ana_hera) shares a few basic brush pen strokes to get you started in the art of calligraphy. Discover more below:

  • 5 Apps You Maybe Haven’t Heard of for Making Creative Presentations
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    5 Apps You Maybe Haven’t Heard of for Making Creative Presentations

    Discover these alternatives to PowerPoint so that you can create presentations that make an impact In the worlds of design and creativity, presentations continue to be important tools, especially when it comes to winning over clients, presenting proposals, budgets, mood boards, or teamwork schedules. To give your presentations a professional edge, here are five apps providing brilliant alternatives to your classic PowerPoint. You will be able to explore their unique options, such as adding movement, transitions, animation, and effects to your content. Prezi Create presentations on an infinite canvas using Prezi Present. This app allows you to insert attractive and dynamic effects, including zooming in and out on your content, as well as add graphics and audiovisual files. You can start at 0 and experiment with your creativity, or you can choose one of the ready-made templates. Price There is a free version as well as paid versions that cost between 5 to 55 dollars a month.

  • A Brief History of Italic Calligraphy

    A Brief History of Italic Calligraphy

    Ivan Castro tells us about the origin of Italics, the historic handwriting that inspires his brush calligraphy Ivan Castro (@ivancastro) has had a passion for letters since he was a child. Calligraphy and lettering have become his profession, which he practices from his studio in Barcelona, working for clients all over the world with his characteristic style that draws from both classic and modern fonts. His work requires a lot of practice but also an arduous research process. For Ivan Castro, knowing the origin of writing styles, the tools required, and the way they are built, is extremely important. That's why he has shared the fascinating history of Italics with Domestika: Goodbye, Gothic. Hello, Italics At the end of the 15th century, after the invention of Gutenberg's printing press and a growing preference for a more easily read style to Gothic, Italian intellectuals promoted a new model of writing based on ease and speed of execution: Italic or Chancellor's writing began. This hand of continuous strokes, allows words to be written without lifting the pen from the paper. Thanks to its rapid execution, it is completely customizable and adaptable to whatever register one wishes to give it, allowing more expressive letterforms.

  • 5 Fantastic Books for Those Starting Out in UX

    5 Fantastic Books for Those Starting Out in UX

    Be inspired by these books, recommended by Ethan Parry, that are ideal for those who want to create digital experiences For UK designer and investigator Ethan Parry (@ethanparry), inspiration is everywhere, and books are the best way to keep your mind active and ready to learn from the experiences of those who have faced the same problems as you, before you. This list of books is perfect for those starting out in UX design, with several also covering other fields of creativity: it compiles a great range of different ideas to reflect on. 'Don't Make Me Think, Revisited’, by Steve Krug The premise of this book, as its title indicates, is to make us see good design as that which enables the user to obtain the expected results while encountering as few obstacles as possible. A user experience that doesn’t make the user think is an ideal user experience, according to Steve Krug. Krug cites Amazon as a usability reference model throughout the book.

  • Fito Espinosa: 3 Creative Approaches

    Fito Espinosa: 3 Creative Approaches

    Be inspired by the work of this Peruvian artist and illustrator Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa) has been cultivating his prolific portfolio for 25 years in painting, illustration, and ceramics. In the last few years, he has also contributed to advertising campaigns, participated in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as a number of painting competitions, many of which he has won. He has published five books and collaborated on a number of other publications. Below, we present a collection of his vibrant and varied art.

  • Free Download: Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

    Free Download: Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

    Practice your calligraphy skills with these exercises by James Lewis James Lewis (@jamesllewis) is a multidisciplinary British artist, specializing in calligraphy and lettering, with clients such as Pepsi, Amazon, Montblanc, the BBC and more. He’s well-known on both Instagram and TikTok with a combined following on both apps of over 1.5 million. He began his career as a digital logotype & lettering designer but slowly transitioned from designer to artist by focusing on calligraphy and painting. His passion for letters, social media understanding, and a handcrafted approach have formed the basis of his career.

  • Challenge: Can You Paint a Portrait with Just One Color?

    Challenge: Can You Paint a Portrait with Just One Color?

    Alejandro Casanova takes on the latest Domestika Challenge: can he paint a portrait with only green watercolors? How does one bring a face to life using only one color? How do you build features, the shadows, and textures without being able to use anything but green? Of course, patience and mastery are needed, virtues that can only be learned with constant practice and which Alejandro "Ale" Casanova (@casanova_ale), a multi-award winning painter and teacher, has plenty of. In the following video, Casanova faces the Domestika Challenge: will he be able to paint a watercolor portrait using only green watercolors? Find out below:

  • Free Download: Easy Doodle Exercises to Learn to Draw

    Free Download: Easy Doodle Exercises to Learn to Draw

    Puño shares with you easy exercises to warm up your hand Puño (@puno) is an educator and illustrator who has worked in advertising, animation, photography and editorial illustration, including the publication of several books of his authorship. Puño teaches daily to draw that they thought would never be possible, and he trusts that the idea is to simply lose his fear of the sheet and the pencil.

  • Self-Publishing: An Art and a Challenge

    Self-Publishing: An Art and a Challenge

    Cartoonist and screenwriter Albert Monteys has some advice for those who want to publish their own work independently Albert Monteys (@albertmonteys) is a cartoonist and comic scriptwriter with more than 25 years of experience. He was trained in fanzines and spent almost two decades at the weekly illustrated satirical El Jueves, which he also directed for four years. He then embarked on digital comic projects such as Orgullo y Satisfacción and "Universo!", the latter being nominated for an Eisner Award, and winner of the Best National Comic Award at the Barcelona Comic Fair (2019).

  • Procreate Tutorial: Basic Actions for Working on an iPad
    Tutorials zu Kreativität

    Procreate Tutorial: Basic Actions for Working on an iPad

    Learn from Samuel Rodriguez the basic actions needed to make a creative illustration using the Procreate app Over the past few years, the Procreate app has quickly become popular with illustrators and visual artists, thanks to its low price, large suite of tools, and often intuitive controls. Combining some traditional interface elements with iPad-enabled features, like hand gesture shortcuts, the app makes it easy to begin illustrating without having to deal with a major software learning curve. In this tutorial, illustrator Samuel Rodriguez (@samrodriguezart) shares the basics for how to get started with Procreate, demonstrating how to set up a new document, manipulate layers, and use time-saving shortcuts.

  • Monetization Platforms for Creatives
    Digitales Marketing

    Monetization Platforms for Creatives

    Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of sites like Patreon that allow you to diversify your income More and more creatives are turning to crowdfunding websites to monetize their work these days. There are different platforms where your followers can make small donations to support your creative and artistic work, but not all are alike. Learn about what should consider before choosing any of these platforms, as well as some options available to you. The first thing you should know Donations are not going to start flowing magically. It is good practice to integrate these options into your social media strategy and include information about your crowdfunding account in your social media and website profiles. For example, some creatives periodically make short videos on YouTube or on Instagram and Facebook Stories to ask their followers to contribute. Some will find creatives and projects to support using the search engines on each platform, so you must include complete information about yourself and your work.

  • How to Find Images When Creating a Digital Collage

    How to Find Images When Creating a Digital Collage

    Learn about different sources of royalty-free pictures and learn to search by color or resolution Israel G. Vargas (@israelgevargas) is a Mexican designer and visual communicator who graduated from the UNAM Faculty of Arts and Design. As an editorial designer, he has worked for different Mexican magazines, including Picnic, where he was a graphic editor for seven years. Israel is also an illustrator whose work has been featured in various international magazines and brands such as Wired, Texas Monthly, Atlanta, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, The Atlantic, Adidas, Tbrand Studio from The New York Times and Metaleap Creative, as well as in Mexican publications such as Tierra Adentro, Expansión, Accent, and Chilango.

  • What is CNC?
    What is

    What is CNC?

    An introduction to this automated manufacturing process CNC stands for computer numerical control. It refers to the automated control of machinery and tools–such as drills, boring tools, lasers, and lathes–to generate physical parts from CAD (computer aided design) files. This manufacturing process is much faster, incredibly precise, requiring very little to no human assistance or interaction. CNC machines have at least two axes, operating along an XYZ plane–X axis (vertical), Y axis (horizontal), and Z axis (depth)–following instructions from a computer. The number of axes usually determines the type of movement a CNC machine can perform. The instructions the machine receives are written in a programming language known as G-code. We can use CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software to automatically convert CAD files into G-code.

  •  Lessons We Learned from Milton Glaser in His Final Interview

    Lessons We Learned from Milton Glaser in His Final Interview

    Domestika visited Milton Glaser for what would be the last interview he gave in his studio, where he spoke about art, collaboration, and his purpose in life As one of the most influential and celebrated graphic designers in history, even if you don’t know Milton Glaser’s name, you’ve certainly seen his work. In a career that spanned almost seven decades, he applied his talents to everything from branding, to editorial and interior design, creating iconic imagery that has shaped our visual landscape. In late 2019, Domestika had the privilege of visiting Glaser for what would be the last interview he gave in his New York studio. In this video he shares his thoughts on creativity, collaboration, and his purpose in life.

  • Domestika Diary: Catalina Estrada

    Domestika Diary: Catalina Estrada

    The Colombian graphic designer shares her creative routine and the landscapes that have inspired her to create her award-winning prints. Catalina Estrada has only been in Colombia a few months. Having lived for years in Barcelona, she became stranded in her home country while visiting her mother. Not that she’s complaining, since the varied landscapes, lush colors, and natural beauty of Colombia are where she draws much of the inspiration behind her internationally award-winning prints. The stylish graphic designer and illustrator says that beauty and optimism are the trademarks of her work, thanks to her experience growing up surrounded by these striking landscapes. In this Domestika Diary, recorded in her home in Colombia, she shares how her surroundings have impacted and enriched her creative work.

  • 5 Courses to Create Your Own Furniture From Scratch

    5 Courses to Create Your Own Furniture From Scratch

    Elevate any space with contemporary pieces created by you It may surprise you that you don’t need any previous knowledge to jump into the world of furniture design. If you want to give new life to your spaces and give them your own touch, follow these tips and get to know the creative secrets of five experts who will show you how to make your own furniture from wood, PVC, concrete, and other materials. Get to know them all! Design and Creation of Handmade Workspaces, a course by Gema Casado Olea Gema Casado Olea is the founder and director of El Tarro de Ideas (@eltarrodeideas), the author of various DIY books, and the presenter of the Spanish TV show Decoración creativa (Creative decoration). Learn artisan techniques to make a desk and storage bench from zero without needing any previous knowledge of assembly or DIY.

  • Watercolor Tutorial: How To Paint Eyes Step By Step
    Tutorials zu Kreativität

    Watercolor Tutorial: How To Paint Eyes Step By Step

    Learn these basic tips to start working on your watercolor portrait eyes with Sol Barrios The eyes are the element of the face express the most and bring the most personality to a portrait. Therefore, it is important that we dedicate special attention and detail to them in our projects. In this tutorial, Sol Barrios (@solbarrios), watercolorist and muralist, teaches us how to approach the drawing of the eyes step by step in a watercolor portrait. You can follow the process in the following video:

  • Free Download: Social Media Calendar Template

    Free Download: Social Media Calendar Template

    Dot Lung shares a template for your social media planning Dot Lung (@dotlung) is a Social Media Expert who has worked with international brands, creating strategies and content for social media and advertising. Among her clients and collaborators are Wix, Facebook, and the OFFF Festival. If you want to promote your social media account’s growth, an essential part of your strategy is content planning. This way you’ll have visibility and control over your posting and workload.

  • Ana Victoria Calderón’s Favorite Watercolor Painting Materials

    Ana Victoria Calderón’s Favorite Watercolor Painting Materials

    Ana Victoria Calderón shares her favorite materials for illustrating with watercolor To browse Ana Victoria Calderon’s work (@anavictoriana) is to submerge yourself in a world of watercolor illustration. She creates little universes with ink and water on all kinds of canvases–collaborating with brands and publications around the globe. We spoke to her about her favorite materials so we could share the tips and tricks of a seasoned pro and help you get the right material for your own watercolor creations.

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