• 10 Essential Online Creative Writing Courses for 2021

    10 Essential Online Creative Writing Courses for 2021

    Learn different writing techniques and get key tips from our expert storytellers Novelist Stephen King states in his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, that writing is about "enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life as well.". Writing, therefore, is an powerful way to awaken your creativity, keep getting better, and grow as a person. As is the case with most creative techniques, you can improve your writing skills simply through practice. Learning which techniques your favorite writers use is a great way to discover new methods and apply them to the way you work.

  • After Effects Shortcuts to Become a Professional Motion Grapher
    Pro 3D & Animation

    After Effects Shortcuts to Become a Professional Motion Grapher

    Discover in this video tutorial the essential shortcuts for working with the animation and effects software Carlos "Zenzuke" Albarrán (@zenzuke) is a motion graphics director and animator and founding partner of Maaambo studio. Carlos uses the program Adobe After Effects to experiment with animation and has created a casual and colorful style that has impressed the most prestigious production companies and agencies in Spain, resulting in him becoming one of their regular collaborators. Carlos has been freelancing as a 2D and 3D animation specialist for over 10 years. Not only does he know how to make the most of the tools offered by Adobe After Effects, but he is also an expert in teaching others how to use them. Using a rigorous method and sharing his extensive experience, Carlos can turn you into an advanced motion graphics designer who works confidently and makes efficient use of their time. In this exclusive video tutorial for Domestika's PRO community, the expert director explains how to simplify your creative processes using some essential keyboard shortcuts. Like many other programs, After Effects enables you to execute actions and methods in a matter of keystrokes. This helps to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks so you can focus more on the creation, composition, and execution of your ideas. Discover them below with Zenzuke!

  • What Is Futurism and How Does It Influence Art and Design?

    What Is Futurism and How Does It Influence Art and Design?

    Learn about this systematic study of possible futures and how it is applied creatively We’re all curious to know what's going to happen in the future, yet, some people have gone as far as to turn pondering the possibilities into their day job. In an era where everything changes so rapidly, there are specialties, disciplines, and arts that focus on predicting and redesigning the future. Information is then used to create objects, services, strategies, and even policies. Cecilia Tham (@future_synthesist) is a biologist, architect, and founder of Futurity Studio. She has worked as a "future synthesist" for organizations such as NASA and the United Nations. She explains how to design from a futurist perspective and how it can impact both the world of both individual and global creativity.

  • 10 Free Online Embroidery Classes for Learning New Techniques

    10 Free Online Embroidery Classes for Learning New Techniques

    Discover the techniques used by embroidery experts to start out or enhance your skills in this beautiful and ancient craft Embroidery has been around for many centuries, with mentions of this decorative art in Ancient Greek mythology and examples found in China over 2000 years ago. The uses of this craft have ranged from the royal to the mundane, and the fundamental techniques and stitches are still used to this day. Following an embroidery course can help you master and explore the possibilities of this craft. You can unleash your creativity by decorating fabric or other materials using a needle, thread, or yarn and adding many other embellishing elements.

  • 7 Key Embroidery Terms You Should Get to Know

    7 Key Embroidery Terms You Should Get to Know

    These embroidery posts are a must-read if you want to discover amazing tools, techniques, and styles If you've ever stepped into the world of embroidery, you'll know that it offers endless creative possibilities. In most cases, you only need two items to get started: a needle and thread. But how can you approach new techniques and styles or try out new tools? Besides constantly looking for new references, another alternative is to get to know different embroidery terms. Knowing more about crewel embroidery, needle painting, or latch hooking will push you to experiment. If you are just starting out or want to keep learning, discover these seven inspiring types of embroidery. To learn more about each one, just click on the titles in red. What Is Embroidery and What Are the Main Types of Embroidery? Did you know that almost every culture has some sort of history with embroidery? Some examples date back as far as the 5th century B.C. It is fascinating to explore its history and see its evolution. This is a great way to learn about different techniques available to you and experiment freely. Before picking up your needle, learn more about this exciting practice. This will also help you appreciate the value of each piece you create.

  • 10 Free Illustration Tutorials for Learning New Techniques

    10 Free Illustration Tutorials for Learning New Techniques

    Learn new styles and techniques to enhance your illustrations with tips and advices from great experts In the field of illustration, there is always something new to learn to enhance our practice and grow as artists: be it manga techniques, eastern art, different narrative styles, or tips to achieve perfect anatomical proportions. You will find 10 illustration tutorials below that will help you expand your creative possibilities, under the guidance of some of our top experts. Watch the video, and click on the red title to access the post with a full tutorial explanation. Enjoy! Illustration Tutorial: Tips to Illustrate a Children's Story To illustrate a children’s book, you need to be able to sum up a story in a series of simple images that captivate a reader’s imagination. In her tutorial, illustrator Teresa Martínez (@tereza_mtz) shares her creative process and secrets for turning the adventures and characters of the written pages into beautiful drawings.

  • Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds
    3D & Animation

    Free Set of Textures for Creating 3D Backgrounds

    Use textures designed by a 4D cinema expert to create backgrounds with realistic objects, shapes, and colors If you are interested in the 3D universe, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your work and creating new compositions. Getting inspiration from other artists’ creations is essential to get your imagination juices flow and explore new routes. You also get to know their resources and creative processes. Francisco Cortés (@effcy), industrial designer and illlustrator, is specialized in creating still images in 3D. In his projects, textures are the main protagonist as they help inject life and color to a scene. In this post, Francisco shares his favorite textures—62 of them—that you can also use in your designs.

  • Discover the Different Types of Clay to Make the Perfect Tiles

    Discover the Different Types of Clay to Make the Perfect Tiles

    Learn about the different kinds of clay and the best types to make and decorate beautiful portuguese style tiles There’s nothing like vibrant, colorful, handmade tiles to add unique and charming touches to your home, or to any space for that matter. This is an area where you can really let your imagination go, with endless designs and patterns inspiring you to create beautiful decorations. But before you get started, it’s important to know a little bit about the process of making the tiles themselves, as well as the properties of clay as a material.

  • 10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    Enjoy these incredibly creative cake designs by artists with large followings on social media Cake designing is a decorative baking technique that proves you can eat something with your eyes. Even the most greedy, those who never say no to trying something sweet, would probably be left speechless in front of such masterpieces and hold back for a minute. These artistic creations deserve time to appreciate their colorful look, rich in textures and endless details. Creative bakery is also perfect for a visual channel such as Instagram. By visiting the #cakedesign hashtag, you can get lost among the number of real masterpieces, in all styles and from all over the world.

  • Free Punch Needle Pattern for Your Embroidery Projects

    Free Punch Needle Pattern for Your Embroidery Projects

    Textile artist Sara Luna shares a free template so you can make patterns for your embroidered portraits Punch needle is a really popular way to create beautiful embroidery, but it can be hard to get your idea onto fabric. Sara Luna (@saralunart) is a visual artist specializing in textile art and punch needle, whose work has been exhibited in New York and Salt Lake City. She is passionate about combining embroidery portraiture with striking color scales to create depth in her creations and bring them to life.

  • Ceramic Tutorial: Basic Glaze Technique

    Ceramic Tutorial: Basic Glaze Technique

    Learn step-by-step how to seal your hand-painted designs onto ceramics using enamel so that they’re ready to use Nuria Blanco (@nb_1980) is a multidisciplinary artist who turns plates and tableware into hand-painted works of art. She is a reference for other Spanish artists, and her work has been exhibited in different galleries and international fairs. She has also been published by the likes of Vogue, AD, El País and others. In this tutorial, she teaches us the basic glazing technique that seals your drawings onto ceramics, as well as allowing them to be used for food. Find out in the video.

  • Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    The fashion and conceptual photographer takes us on a lifestyle photoshoot around London Emma-Jane Lewis (@ej_3) began her career as a wedding photographer before branching out into the world of fashion. She has won several awards and was even named one of Elle UK magazine’s top 12 UK wedding photographers in 2020. Her work has appeared everywhere from social media to high street campaigns, lookbooks, album cover artwork, and promotional material for celebrities. Join Emma-Jane in this Domestika Diary as she takes us along on one of her latest lifestyle photoshoots in London.

  • 8 Online Courses for Creating Fashion Garments Easily

    8 Online Courses for Creating Fashion Garments Easily

    Start out in the world of fashion and learn the best design techniques with experts One way to ensure your clothes are unique is to make them yourself. You may think it’s impossible, especially if you have no experience making fashion. However, as is true for all creative disciplines, it’s a matter of being serious about learning and take action. The main thing is to know the results you want to achieve. Do you like a crochet effect? Would you like to adapt pieces you already have in your closet? Once you learn the appropriate technique, it will all be much easier. Be inspired by other creatives, and look through your favorite reference material, but remember that the most exciting part is creating something unique and original.

  • 5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists
    Typografie, Kalligrafie und Lettering

    5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists

    Discover excellent professional resources, and be inspired by the styles of great lettering artists You can express yourself through lettering and challenge the rules of creativity. Furthermore, while you learn this discipline, you have many opportunities to experiment with different techniques, styles, and processes. When you’re working on your lettering design, you’ll find yourself wanting to look for perfection. This is normal, and it means you are developing your skills. As for all creative fields, you get to say what you want to achieve.

  • The Stories Behind 7 of the Most Iconic Olympic Mascots

    The Stories Behind 7 of the Most Iconic Olympic Mascots

    Popular, baffling, or despised: we take a look at the most memorable Olympic mascots Pictograms, logo designs, advertising copy, and the world-famous Olympic rings: these are just a few examples of the pieces that make up the corporate identity of the Summer Olympic Games. Every four years, each host city creates a series of visual and graphic components to be reproduced throughout the month-long multi-sport event.

  • Free Procreate Brushes for Lettering
    Typografie, Kalligrafie und Lettering

    Free Procreate Brushes for Lettering

    Add personality to your lettering strokes by using this free set of 11 brushes In digital lettering, your ability with brushes and a good command of software like Procreate can boost your creativity. This combination allows you to design letters with lots of personality and high precision. Graphic designer Eduardo Mejía (@eduardograph) specializes in branding and lettering and digital shares 11 of his favorite brushes you can download here to start practicing with daily. Simply install them in Procreate and practice your hand at them to work on your sketches.

  • How the Olympics Helped Popularize Pictograms

    How the Olympics Helped Popularize Pictograms

    The Olympics played a major role on the development of this design element, from stick figures to bathroom signs Go to any swimming pool in the world and you'll probably be able to "read" some of the signs, even if you don't speak the local language. Maybe one tells you not to dive, another warns you to be careful not to slip, and yet another signals where you can go take a shower once you've finished your laps. But how is it possible that you can understand all of these messages, without ever reading a single word? The answer is simple: pictograms. And the fact that you can understand them so instantly is, in large part, thanks to the Olympic Games.

  • 15 Examples of Amazing Comic Strips to Inspire You

    15 Examples of Amazing Comic Strips to Inspire You

    Be inspired by various comic strip and graphic novel artists to find your own style The presence of as many comic styles as there are authors is a good sign. This means you can also start out in this field and share your stories. Even the most celebrated artists started their journey without knowing what they would tell and how they would do it. Practicing non-stop was what made them stand out from the crowd and given them an identity. Also, be aware that every culture has its own way of telling stories. If you are a beginner, it is good to know as many styles as possible, from manga to humor, to made-for-social-media material.

  • 7 Must-Read Branding Books for 2021

    7 Must-Read Branding Books for 2021

    Discover everything you need to know about creating a successful brand identity with this must-read booklist A strong and impactful brand identity makes you stand out from the crowd and is key to connecting with your audience, so getting it right is absolutely essential. Designer, Creative Director, and branding expert Michael Johnson (@michael_johnson) is the founder of Johnson Banks, a world-renowned design consultancy that specializes in branding and visual identity. He has spent over 30 years working on leading branding projects with top clients in the cultural, government, and charity sectors, including Action Against Hunger, the UN Climate Change Conference, and the Royal Academy of Music.

  • Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Create a Basic Animation
    3D & Animation

    Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Create a Basic Animation

    Learn how to animate a cube in Cinema 4D step-by-step, with director, animator, and designer Danaé Gosset Cinema 4D is an essential program for anyone interested in animation, allowing you to create 3D models and bring them to life with innovative tools. Danaé Gosset (@danaegosset) is a director, animator, and designer who specializes in mixed-media moving images. Her work has been recognized by institutions such as SXSW, D&AD, The Art Directors Club, Graphis, Adobe, Indigo Awards, and the Type Directors Club. Join her in this beginner’s tutorial as she demonstrates some fun and simple ways to animate an object on Cinema 4D using the twist deformer tool.

  • What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?
    Kino und Video

    What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?

    Learn what a video blog is, get tips to produce one, and check out 9 vloggers’ accounts to inspire you Vlogging is one of the fastest-growing formats on the web and has the greatest monetization capacity on YouTube. Users tend to watch vlogs to experience other realities or listen to reviews about products and services. They also want learn about certain experiences they’d like to live for themselves. Lucas Merayo, better known as Merakio (@merakio), is an actor and audiovisual content creator with more than 800 thousand followers on YouTube. The fresh and fun approach to everyday life he uses in his vlogs has turned him into a model for this genre. By exploring his process, we’ll be able to understand this format and learn practical tips to start producing vlogs, for launching our own channel or simply to record snippets of our lives in a fun and personal way.

  • 5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter
    Pro Marketing

    5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

    Get expert advice and discover how to write an effective cover letter Raquel Marín Álvarez (@lalolagrafica) is an expert in writing and transmitting clear graphic messages. With a degree in humanities and graphic design, as well as a master's in advanced typography from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she began working for different studios and publishing houses after completing her studies. In 2009, Raquel founded Lalolagráfica, a studio specializing in editorial design. She currently gives lectures and workshops on typography in art schools, universities, and anywhere else where people are keen to learn about conveying ideas with clarity. She is the author of the book Orthotypography for Designers and writes articles for different publications. She also teaches communication and language courses giving tips on how to write professionally.