Black Friday 2020

Finally! The most awaited discounts on creativity courses, to treat yourself. What could be better than learning with the best, at your own pace, and for the best price? Discover the selection of courses:

For drawing and painting addicts

If you are one of those people who do not leave home without their colored pencils, take advantage of Black Friday to start or perfect new drawing techniques and manual or digital painting with Domestika's online courses. All courses are led by illustrators, designers, and professionals in artistic drawing.

For Mobile Photography Lovers

If you are one of those who believe that an image is worth a thousand words, take advantage of these days to get started in mobile photography: learn photography and video techniques, the basics of composition, and the keys to creating impactful images for social media.

For Instagram Content Creators

If you believe in the power of Instagram as a high-impact marketing tool to promote your projects or those of your clients, take advantage of Domestika's Black Friday to expand your strategic knowledge and social content creation for brands.

For demanding creative professionals

If you are one of those people who are always looking for challenges to overcome, take advantage of Domestika's Black Friday offers to delve into new areas of creativity such as branding or design. Online courses for designers and other creative professionals taught by experts in each area.

For DIY Lovers

If you enjoy crafts and DIY is your secret passion, enjoy the Black Friday craft courses to get started in new techniques such as binding, framing, printing, and creating furniture, from the hands of the best creative experts.

For the freelance creative

If you are thinking about creating a startup, starting your freelance career, or if you simply need new weapons to boost your projects, discover Domestika's Black Friday online course selection. The best creative teachers will show you how to succeed at being your own boss and creating your own personal brand.

For those who find embroidery relaxing

If you are one of those who find in embroidery a method of creation and total disconnection from the world, you will enjoy this selection of special Black Friday courses, to continue learning new and varied textile techniques.

For lovers of watercolor

If you are passionate about watercolor painting, you will love this special Black Friday selection with specific courses in the area: learn architectural drawing, illustrated portraits, Japanese techniques, botanical watercolor, and more... What are you waiting for?

For those who enjoy illustration

If you are one of those who illustrate even when they talk on the phone, take advantage of Black Friday to take your knowledge further: from transforming your sketches into art, to learning the digital techniques to create incredible illustrations with Photoshop.

For those who want to master a software

If you are one of those who want to start from scratch in a software to master it like a professional, take advantage of Black Friday to take your knowledge further in After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

The latest

Learn new things and enjoy Domestika's Black Friday offers with new online courses for creatives, taught by the best experts in their fields.

Top rated

Welcome the advice! Discover the Domestika community's top rated online courses and take advantage of Black Friday discounts to learn new subjects taught by the best creative professionals.

Most popular

Get carried away, discover our selection of the most popular online courses in the Domestika community and take advantage of Black Friday discounts to discover in new subjects taught by the best creative professionals.

Ecco come sono i corsi di Domestika

  • Impara al tuo ritmo

    Goditi i corsi da casa, senza orari né consegne. Sei tu a gestire la tua agenda.

  • In prima linea

    Video alla massima qualità per non farti perdere nessun dettaglio e accesso illimitato per vederli una e più volte.

  • Da parte dell'insegnante

    Impara tecniche metodi di grande valore spiegati dai grandi esperti del settore creativo.

  • Condividi conoscenza

    Esponi i tuoi dubbi, chiedi feedback, fornisci soluzioni. Condividi l'apprendimento con il resto degli studenti della community.

  • Insegnanti esperti

    Ogni insegnante imparte solo quello che sa fare meglio, assicurandosi di trasmettere la passione e l'eccellenza in ogni lezione.

  • Community creativa

    Più di 5M creativi e continuando a crescere. Domestika è l'ambiente ideale per condividere imparare ciò che ti appassiona.

  • Attestato Pro

    Accredita la tua partecipazione al corso con un attestato firmato dall'insegnante. Ottenilo con il tuo abbonamento Domestika PRO

  • Corsi realizzati professionalmente

    Selezioniamo i migliori creativi e un'équipe di professionisti produce in corso con loro. Il risultato: sentirai che lavori man mano con i migliori.

A Domestika troverai corsi di quattro Premi Nazionali di Design, un Premio Pulitzer, un Premio Goya, un illustratore di National Geographic... i migliori esperti in attivo della propria disciplina, sia essa 3D, animazione, design, fotografia, tecnologia,... Domestika è la più grande community online di creativi. Uno spazio di riferimento, dibattito e promozione in cui l'apprendimento delle discipline creative occupa un posto principale.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do this Black Friday!

  • Which courses to buy on Black Friday?

    Black Friday is the best opportunity to get you through those pending subjects. Take advantage of the amazing Black Friday discounts you will find in Domestika's online courses and find the perfect excuse to get started on or delve into those areas of creativity that you have added to your list of New Year's resolutions.

  • Why buy during Black Friday?

    Black Friday is the perfect time to start Christmas shopping thanks to the special offers we find during both, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday with online-only offers). In addition, on both dates we can find great discounts and offers that we will not find at another time of the year.

  • And what is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is an old American tradition that marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. It is also one of the days (or the day) with the highest sales of the year. The origin of its name refers to the multitude of people and cars that ventured out into the streets on that date, or maybe it's because of the change in the color of retailers books, being out of the red (and into the black). Whatever its origin, it is always the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday—this year, it falls on November 27th.