Free Adobe Illustrator Template for Data Visualization

Learn to create engaging infographics with information designer Federica Fragapane's free Illustrator template

Crafting graphs and tables that are easy on the eye can be a tricky task, but when elegant design meets data visualization, reading and understanding complex information becomes a genuinely pleasant experience.

Taking infographics to the next level, information designer Federica Fragapane (@federica_fragapane) is renowned for her ability to transform tables and numbers into an opportunity to tell a captivating story. Here, she shares her free Adobe Illustrator template for designing data visualizations.

Federica Fragapane is an expert at data visualization.

In her Domestika course, Federica uncovers the possibilities of data visualization and teaches ways to efficiently relay information with style.

She goes over how to find reliable sources, select the right information, and create a data visualization piece that is both informative and visually striking. When you've gathered all the data, she also runs through the processes of designing static data visualizations with multiple levels of information, using RAWGraphs and Adobe Illustrator.

Once you’ve sorted your data and explanatory text, you can use the template as a canvas to create a piece that really talks to the readers.

 Free Adobe Illustrator Template for Data Visualization 3
In her Domestika course, Federica uncovers the possibilities of data visualization.

To download this file, please click on the box below. You’ll find a .zip file in your Downloads folder. Then you must use free software like winzip to open the file and find the Free Illustrator Template for Data Visualization, by Federica Fragapane in .ai format.

 Free Adobe Illustrator Template for Data Visualization 5

This download will only be available until September 30, 2021. If you want to access the material after that date, you can sign up to Federica Fragapane’s course, Data Visualization and Information Design: Create a Visual Model and learn how to bring clarity to complexity by creating an engaging data visualization piece that communicates information with ease.

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