Creativity: Generating Ideas through Technology and Storytelling

A course by Daniel Granatta
Consultant / Advertiser / Engineer / Anthropologist. Mexico City, Mexico.
Joined May 2002
, Consultant / Advertiser / Engineer / Anthropologist

Learn to weave a web of innovative ideas, creating original stories with the help of technology

  • Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 93% positive reviews (218)
  • 4825 students

Learn to weave a web of innovative ideas, creating original stories with the help of technology

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 93% positive reviews (218)
  • 4825 students
  • 25 lessons (3h 55m)
  • 6 additional resources (2 files)
  • Online and at your own pace
  • Available on the app
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish, English, Portuguese
  • Level: Beginner
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There is a belief that creativity consists of simply spending time waiting for the "big idea" to arrive. However, inspiration must be sought. This habit is trained just like any other facet of life: with time, effort and discipline.

Yes in the course Creativity in advertising for all audiences Dani Granatta - creative director and an innovation consultant with extensive experience in the advertising sector - he taught you to conceptualize, produce and sell your ideas, in this you will discover an effective method to enhance your creativity by creating original stories with the help of technology. Stories that you can turn into innovative ideas applicable to advertising campaigns, social projects, entrepreneurship and even your daily life.

What will you learn in this online course?

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. The invisible technology
  • U3
    U3. The world of advertising and communication
  • U4
    U4. The stories
  • U5
    U5. What technology to use?
  • U6
    U6. Defining problems
  • U7
    U7. How to generate ideas from the stories you wrote
  • U8
    U8. The project
  • FP
    FP Final project
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Dani will begin by explaining the importance of technology in today's world and its potential as a tool to solve everyday problems. It will tell you why it is becoming invisible and how this influences the way users interact with brands and content.

You will know different profiles of people or users related to technology within the world of advertising and you will discover the power of technology when creating stories and relating to other human beings.

Later, you will learn some techniques that Dani uses to enhance his storytelling and give you some tips to create your own stories, from scratch or from those of others simply by changing the point of view of the narrator.

You will learn to exercise your creativity and put into operation the necessary tools to get inspiration. You will also discover the potential of technologies when it comes to articulating your narrative and you will understand that these are subject to a cycle.

You will learn to analyze reality to detect problems and you will use creativity to find solutions to these problems. When faced with your final project, you will see how much easier it is to tackle it if you break it down into small problems whose solution can be covered with a greater probability of success.

What is this course's project?

You will develop an innovative idea that poses an effective solution for a real problem of the place where you live that you have detected.

Projects by course students

Who is this online course for?

Students and professionals in advertising, communication, marketing or design; creative people who want to better understand the digital world and technology; people from the world of programming and engineering and anyone wanting to learn to develop innovative ideas.

Requirements and materials

No prior knowledge is necessary. It will help you a lot to have visual sensitivity, basic knowledge of advertising writing and use of Social Media platforms. Having taken the course Creatividad Publicitaria para todos los públicos , will give you a base of much more solid knowledge to face the final project.

With regard to materials, you will only need pencil and paper. It is advisable to have a laptop also at hand.


4825 Students
218 Reviews
93% Positive ratings

Daniel Granatta

A course by Daniel Granatta

Teacher Plus
Consultant / Advertiser / Engineer / Anthropologist

His professional career stands out for his work in agencies such as Grupo W and JWT, where he worked as General Creative Director, and in Flock, where he started a movement that sought a disruptive change in the way of advertising in the Mexican industry.

In his role as publicist Daniel has won 6 lions in Cannes in a single year and has been a jury in various festivals around the world.

He is a writer and columnist in different magazines and blogs and also participates as a teacher in different universities, schools and training centers in Spain, the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

He is currently a consultant for innovation and futures design.


  • U1


    • Presentation
    • What do I do here?
  • U2

    The invisible technology

    • The new behaviors of users and their consequences
    • The role of technology
    • The exponential growth of technology
  • U3

    The world of advertising and communication

    • Technology, the digital world, marketing and advertising
    • Creatives who did not know about technology
    • The engineers who did not know about storytelling
    • Innovation and the world of communication and advertising
  • U4

    The stories

    • The importance of stories
    • Storytelling tools
    • Storycubes
    • Mindmaps
    • Seenapse
    • The narrator
  • U5

    What technology to use?

    • The hype cycle
    • Technology over the years and how to use it
  • U6

    Defining problems

    • Reverse brainstorming
    • Problems of brands and problems that surround us
    • Problem selection
  • U7

    How to generate ideas from the stories you wrote

    • Ideas, stories, concepts, formats and executions
    • Some good stories with technology and storytelling
    • Transform your story into an idea
  • U8

    The project

    • Creation and presentation of an idea to improve your city
    • Example of creating an idea for the city in which I live
  • FP

    Final project

    • Innovative ideas with technology and storytelling

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Creativity: Generating Ideas through Technology and Storytelling. Marketing, and Business course by Daniel Granatta

Creativity: Generating Ideas through Technology and Storytelling

A course by Daniel Granatta
Consultant / Advertiser / Engineer / Anthropologist. Mexico City, Mexico.
Joined May 2002
  • 93% positive reviews (218)
  • 4825 students