Domestika Scholarships 2021: Deadline Extended to April 25th!

We’ve extended the deadline for entries to take part in Domestika Scholarships to April 25th

The third edition of Domestika Scholarships sets out to promote learning across a range of creative disciplines by offering participants the chance to win one of 10 scholarships. Each scholarship consists of 50 courses of the winner’s choosing. Anyone over 16 years old can take part: it doesn’t matter where you live or what your educational or professional background is.

To those of you who have already submitted your portfolios, thank you very much for taking part and making our community continue to grow with talent. We have extended the deadline for entries to take part to April 25th. Therefore, if you want, you can take advantage of the extra time to continue developing your portfolio and how you present your projects for the jury’s consideration.

Below, winners of previous editions share how they have become better professionals thanks to Domestika scholarships. If you haven't participated yet, we also explain how to get involved.

How to participate in Domestika Scholarships?

To participate in the competition, you simply need to be registered on Domestika, have completed your profile (include a profile picture and tell us a bit about yourself), and have published at least three projects.

Tip: For your profile and projects to stand out in front of the judges, make sure you select the work you’re most proud of and include images of both the final piece and the creative process.

Where to upload the projects?

In your profile, go to the Portfolio tab and click on "Add new project.” Write the title of your project and upload up to 15 images per project (maximum size 10 MB each). Once you have at least 3 projects in your profile, you are eligible to participate.

Remember that only the first three projects that appear in your portfolio list will be evaluated. If you have more than three, you can sort them as you wish by dragging them. Access the Domestika Scholarships 2021 landing page with your Domestika registration email address and click on Participate–you're in!

Domestika Scholarships 2021: Deadline Extended to April 25th! 4
Take part in three easy steps

Who chooses the winners?

Choosing the winners will be in the hands of 15 renowned professionals from the creative sector, all of whom are Domestika teachers.

They are: photographer Paloma Rincón (@paloma_rincon), logo designer Sagi Haviv (@sagi), illustrator and print designer Catalina Estrada (@catalinaestrada), designer, photographer, and visual artist Pepe Gimeno (@pepepegimeno), painter and illustrator Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana), industrial designer and founder of Estudi Arola Antoni Arola (@toniarola), artist and embroiderer Trini Guzmán (@holaleon), 2D animator and graphic designer Alexis Moyano (@alexismoyano), sketching illustrator Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasadolfsson), illustrator Isadora Zeferino (@imzeferino), Facebook and Instagram creative director Ji Lee (@jilee), visual artist Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa), lettering artist James Lewis (@jamesllewis), TV director, screenwriter, actor and journalist Marcelo Tas (@marcelo_tas), and illustrator and typographer Alex Trochut (@trochut).

What is the deadline to participate?

We have extended the deadline, and you now have two extra weeks to upload your projects. You have until April 25, 2021, to submit your portfolio in the third edition of Domestika Scholarships Call.

Turn your creative passion into your future: Domestika Scholarships 2021. We wish you the best of luck!

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