Free Social Media Metrics Guide for Beginners

Expert Hana Klokner explains the most used KPIs for social media management

You have great content and a shiny strategy for your social media accounts. Then, you implement it and post according to your calendar. But after a while, you see no growth. What went wrong?

After ten years of experience as a social media marketing specialist, Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) started her own consultancy business, working with clients like Amazon, glh Hotels, and the United Nations. She is a published author of Wired & Socially Awkward: New York, a short story collection for adults themed around social media.

Hana Klokner's work.

Hana Klokner knows that to maintain and grow any social media profile, you’ll also need to learn how to analyze your performance, establish meaningful KPIs and create insightful reports. This way you can correct your strategy and steadily grow your accounts.

That’s why she shares with you a practical guide to understand the meaning and function of the primary KPIs (key performance indicators) and social media metrics. Learn about reach, engagement, impressions, likes and much more.

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Hana Klokner.
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This material will only be available until February 4th, 2021. If after that date you want to consult the material, you can do so by signing up to Hana’s course, Community Management Fundamentals.

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