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7 Free Tutorials to Improve Your Animation Skills

Learn practical tips to use different types of software, learn new tricks, and improve your animation style

With the refinement and advances in animation technology, you have more software options at your disposal to create your own animation style, regardless of whether you want to do a modest but high-impact project for social media, or if you want to venture into something more complex.

Here are 7 free animation tutorials to take your skills to the next level.

Just click on each video, and if you want to read the full instructions, click on the red title of each tutorial. Enjoy!

7 Free Tutorials to Improve Your Animation Skills 1

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Cloning Methods in MoGraph

Mograph is one of the most important tools that the Cinema 4D animation program has for animating objects and creating special effects. With it you can make objects explode, control them with other objects, deform them or create infinite movements. Animation expert Zigor Samaniego (@zigor) explains the different cloning modes and the cloning tools found within this tool.


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