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Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Animate Letters Simply

Learn a technique to animate letters using a motion capture from Mixamo bookstore with Holke

Animating typography is a very useful resource for your experimental animation works. The possibilities are infinite and you can create very fun, interesting results

In this tutorial, motion designer Holke 79 (@holke79) teaches us a quick and simple way to animate words or phrases in Cinema 4D, using the gallery of resources found at You can find it here:

1. Choose a character and an animation

The first step after having created the text that you want to animate in Cinema 4D will be to visit the website with your Adobe Creative Cloud Account.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to choose between multiple characters and animations, which are motion captures created with sensors for realistic and interesting results.

For this type of animation it will be ideal to choose an exaggerated movement for the text so that the text we want to move can be seen in the best possible way. Once you’ve chosen it, click the download button and make sure you download in the .fbx format at, for example, 30 frames per second.


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