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Use this template by Ellie Rivers to easily create a multi-platform content and marketing calendar for your e-commerce business

Marketing campaigns are a powerful way of attracting customers to your e-commerce. While it’s important to have a content and marketing calendar year-round, they are especially crucial during peak sales periods like the holidays.

E-commerce marketing consultant Ellie Rivers has over 15 years of experience working independently and as part of a digital consulting agency for luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

In her Domestika Live on October 15, she explains how to use this content marketing planner to create an effective digital marketing campaign for your e-commerce business.

If you miss the Live, you will be able to find an archived version of it to enjoy later.

For an effective campaign, you must plan how long it will last, what will happen during that time, and on which platforms it will be implemented. This will allow you to prepare content ahead of time, which could be anything from homepage web content, updated product copy, ads, social ads, paid search, email marketing, blog content, or social media. With this content marketing planner, you can easily visualize the span and scope of your campaign so that it can be rolled out with all the necessary material. This will also help you later when you analyse your campaign’s effectiveness.

Tune in for Ellie Rivers’s Domestika Live where she explains how to use this calendar and answers audience questions about creating e-commerce marketing campaigns, on October 15, 2020 at 5pm UK / 6 pm MAD / 11 am CDMX. To watch an archived version of her Live, and all Domestika Live specials, go here.

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