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How to present yourself

Discover the best tips to market yourself in your professional website, with Flor Martina

Being a creative freelancer requires us not only to develop a unique style that differentiates us from the competition but also to know how to "sell" or communicate and promote our work and skills in the clearest, most concise and interesting way possible. Our professional website is a perfect instrument for all this because it gives us more space than other social networks to explain exactly what we do.

Martina Flor (@martinaflor), a freelance designer and illustrator, has been working with customers around the world and has summarized everything she has learned on how to present oneself so you have it easier next time you want to impress a prospective customer.

First or third person?

When we start writing our bio, we must decide if we want it to be written in the first or third person. The first option gives you a closer and more personal touch, and the second can be a little more serious or professional.

Basic points that we should cover:

- What are you doing? Try to summarize your work in a sentence or two.
- Where did you come from? What are your credentials, where were you born, where did you study ...
- Who have you worked with? Indicate the scope of your work (national, international ...) and list your most important customers.
- Do you do other related things? If so, it is interesting to include them.
- Do you have a presence on social networks or media? Include this to show your most current and up to date work.

About the Contact section

It's very important that your contact details remain always visible, and to avoid using contact forms. Anyone wishing to contact you should be able to send photos, videos, music or whatever he or she may need.

How to present yourself 2

If you liked these tips, remember that you can learn to manage your personal brand and build a career on your own with Martina Flor on the Domestika course 'Freelance: Keys and Tools to Find Success as your Own Boss'.


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