Dos and Don’ts for Writing Children’s Books

Tips from an expert in children’s literature to help you improve your stories for little ones

They say that to write children’s books you need to revert to being a child, free your imagination, let yourself be surprised, and above all, play with the story. For more than 17 years, Natalia Méndez (@natumendez) has been transforming her ideas into books for children. She’s an expert at understanding how to create and edit wonderful stories through play; how to extract a story from an initial idea and develop it into a book. She has edited books since 2002. She is also an author, a professor specializing in children’s literature, and works for the children’s and young adult fiction department of the publishing house, Edelvives Argentina.

Drawing on her vast experience and extensive knowledge, here Natalia Méndez shares some tips to help us think about why we want to write for children, how to better understand children’s literature, and some ideas for how to make your stories appeal to little ones.


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