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5 Tips to Succeed on Instagram in 2020

Make a New Year's resolution to become a better Instagrammer in 2020, and improve your Instagram profile and photos.

If you've spent time at the end of the year reviewing what you've published so far and you are not completely satisfied, this is the time to rethink the structure of your Instagram account and make it more creative. New Year, new image. We'll take you on a journey to put a new spin on what, how and when to publish posts, in the best possible way:

# 1 Seek inspiration from good models

It is not necessary to look for Instagrammers with millions of followers, you simply have to look for profiles similar to your own or with similar goals. Look at how they use their color palettes, how they collate the images in the grid or whether they use more interior or exterior shots. The important thing is to have a good idea of what you want to achieve with the window to the outside world that is your Instagram. And remember that, although there is a fine line between the two, being inspired is not copying.

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# 2 Plan the aesthetic of your grid.

Your profile must retain a certain cohesion of style and, for this purpose, it is not advisable to upload your photographs randomly. You will need an application that allows you to have an overview of the content that you have published and will publish in the future that it is aesthetically coherent. One of the applications that do this is Later (available for computer and mobile). It will allow you to schedule your publications on the calendar and check that it will all look good when these populate your grid.

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# 3 Aim for the highest quality.

The first step to being a good Instagrammer is that your mobile is up to the task. It is not necessary to own the latest model, but the photos need to be the best possible. Configure the settings of your camera so it can take snapshots of the highest possible quality. This way you will ensure that the setting and the cropping do not lose value after editing. If your smartphone also allows you to save the images as RAW, do so as this is the highest quality available. It is also important that before you take the photo you verify that the screen brightness is the highest available and, of course, that the flash is off. The flash takes volume off the image and removes the lighting that gives the objects more life and shape.

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# 4 Edit your photographs to get the most out of them.

It is essential to have an editing app to give the final touches to your photographs. If you like to use the filters and light and color adjustments available within the Instagram application, do not rule out the option of using another app for more selective retouching. VSCO, Retouch, Snapseed, and Afterlight are some of the recommended ones. They will allow you to include filters, adjust tones, and delete or correct small details.

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# 5 Community first.

Instagram was founded to generate a dedicated community, so you must assume that your photographs (but not your entire life) will depend on the likes and comments from it. The best way to enhance this engagement is to thank your followers for their loyalty: answer their comments, return likes, be active on Instagram Stories. In the end, Instagram will appreciate all the time you actively invest in it and return the favor.

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