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8 Online Typography Design Courses for Fonts, Logos, and More

Expand your design skills by deep-diving into typography: create dynamic fonts, logos, and other lettering projects with courses led by top designers

The new season is the ideal time to build new skills and expand your CV—while recharging your creativity with a medium that offers endless play and possibilities. Effective typography design is an in-demand skill at agencies and for freelancers, that transforms even simple phrases into graphical works of art that capture an audience’s attention.

Here, we’re sharing eight typography courses to deepen your design knowledge. These step-by-step guides cover where to find inspiration, which software to use, and how to craft fonts, logos, and brand materials to wow clients. No matter your schedule, the courses can be completed at your own pace and revisited anytime, so your skills stay topped up.

Typographic works by Dani Molyneux.

Courses to get started with typography

1. Basics of Typography from A to Z, a course by Álvaro Franca

The right typography for a brand should reflect its identity, customers, and tone. To get you started in this discipline, we turn to Álvaro Franca (@alvaroefe), a designer in studio Vasava and co-founder of Naipe Foundry, where he collaborates with clients like TV Globo and Sony Music.

In this course, Álvaro explains how to choose the right typography for big and small projects, by introducing everything from logos to magazine design. Discover the history of typography, learn to understand fonts and their families, and learn how to achieve a coherent look in your designs. For your final piece, you’ll create a magazine spread that highlights your font.

2. Introduction to Designing with Letters, a course by Abraham Lule

Abraham Lule (@abrahamlule) is a NYC-based graphic designer originally from Mexico. His professional work is specialized in typography for brands, and he has collaborated with Facebook, Capitol Records, and more.

In this course on designing with letters, Abraham explains how to integrate illustration and typography techniques to produce overall pieces that capture the personality of a brand or concept. You’ll create a typographic composition using a variety of fonts that complement each other, ready to share on social media.

3. Playful Typography for Powerful Communication in Illustrator, a course by Dani Molyneux

After working for creative agencies across the UK, Dani Molyneux (@dani_molyneux_) started her brand Dotto with the aim of making meaningful artwork that fuses playful use of color and form with powerful messages.

In this course, she teaches you how to design bold, colorful typography. At the end, you’ll create a poster featuring a message that means something to you, and learn how to get it printed or share it digitally.

4. Typography for Designers: Create Fonts for the Marketplace, a course by Thomas Jockin

One way to strengthen your typographic designs is through developing a strong research method that ensures every decision you make is clear and informed. Typeface designer Thomas Jockin (@thomas_jockin) has worked with clients including Google and Footlocker. He’s also the founder of TypeThursday, a global community of people passionate about letterforms.

In his course, Thomas shares an effective research method to take on font design projects. You’ll learn how to design fonts that connect with emotion while performing strongly in the competitive marketplace. For your final project, you’ll design a unique typeface using these research methods, ready to be shared and sold.

Courses on experimental typography and effects

5. Digital Lettering Inspired by Natural Patterns, a course by Adrià Molins

Nature is often called the original designer, so why not draw inspiration from it to create surprising and organic forms? Graphic designer and art director Adrià Molins (@adriamolins), digitally replicates natural patterns in his typefaces, and here teaches you to transmit messages while stirring the soul.

His course on creating nature-inspired lettering with digital tools begins with a brief introduction to natural patterns and how they can be seen in various artforms. Then, you’ll discover how to use three effects that Adrià has developed, polishing the designs with your own personal touch. You’ll end up with a set of capital letters that could head an article for a magazine.

6. Experimental Typographic Design with Processing, a course by BlueTypo

Processing is an easy-to-use, open-source programming language based on Java, which is ideal for making interactive digital design projects. Manolo Guerrero, from the design studio and creative consultancy BlueTypo (@bluetypo), is a graphic designer who combines programming and design skills to create award-winning experimental compositions.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Processing to create dynamic typography for web, posters, and more. Your final project will be the creation of a typographic specimen that shows off the experimental font you developed.

Courses on creative typography for logo design

7. Logotype Design for Brand Identity, a course by Steve Wolf

Steve Wolf (@stevewolfdesigns) is a graphic designer who founded Steve Wolf Studios in Texas. The studio creates timeless and meaningful designs that connect brands with their audience, from global companies to small businesses, restaurants, and even a pro soccer team.

Discover what makes a branding effort successful by learning the principles of logo design in this course. Get an overview of the basic concepts and anatomy of typography, learn how to answer a brief, and create your own custom logotype for a brand or company.

8. Typographic Branding: Create Memorable Logos from Scratch, a course by Carlos Mignot

Graphic designer Carlos Mignot (@carlosmignot) specializes in translating sensations visually through customized typefaces, making the most of color and form. He has published his own fonts and worked with brands like Granado, Canal Brasil, and more.

In this course you’ll learn how to develop a typographic identity for a brand using Carlos’s approach. Choose a color palette, create drafts, and vectorize your ideas using Adobe Illustrator. By the end of the course, you'll be ready to present impactful ideas to the client, with your final project being a typographic brand identity ready for a website, business cards, and more.

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