Free Recipes for Paper Mâché Paste

Learn two basic paste recipes shared by artist Sarah Hand and create imaginative paper mâché objects

You can create something extraordinary from simple and accessible materials using paper mâché. Artist, author, and teacher Sarah Hand (@the_sarah_hand) sees paper mâché as a way to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

She teaches paper mâché to people of all ages and has published a book sharing her expertise on this craft. You can sculpt interesting characters that tell their own stories through paper mâché and layered paints.

Sarah Hand sculpts all kinds of characters using paper mâché.

After the preliminary inspiration and conceptual side of a project has been completed, comes the fun part: paper mâché! The technique is hands-on. You get to tear paper, make paste, create layers, dry, and decorate your paper mâché craft project.

In this resource you will discover two simple recipes for achieving the mixture that will help glue the paper into the desired shape and give life to your object.

Free Recipes for Paper Mâché Paste 3
Paper mâché technique allows you to tear paper, make paste, create layers, dry, and decorate.

All you need are everyday materials, such as all-purpose flour or cornstarch and water, to achieve your paste. Follow Sarah’s simple recipes to get the correct consistency so that your paper mâché project dries properly and firmly, ready to be painted.

Free Recipes for Paper Mâché Paste 5
Materials you need for your paper mâché projects.

The handout includes a Flour Paste and a Cornstarch Paste recipes, and cooking instructions for best results.

After clicking on the button below, you will find a file in .pdf format in the Downloads folder on your computer containing the Recipes for Paper Mâché Paste, by Sarah Hand.

Free Recipes for Paper Mâché Paste 7

This download will only be available until september 26, 2021. If you want to access the material after that date, you can sign up to Sarah Hand’s course, Paper Mache for Beginners: Sculpt a Colorful Character and learn how to illustrate friendly characters full of hopes and dreams using simple paper mêaché techniques.

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