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6 Free Tutorials: Lettering and Calligraphy for Beginners

Discover the possibilities to unlock your creativity and express your love for hand writing

If you've always wanted to get started in calligraphy and lettering, or if you are looking to hone your skills in those disciplines for your design projects, these tutorials are just what you were looking for. Learn from experts how to create handmade letters, and even to keep your tools or make your own.

Click on the title of each tutorial if you want to read detailed instructions in addition to watching each video. Enjoy!

Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen

Reed pens are one of the oldest calligraphy tools around. With them you can make unparalleled creations of uncial calligraphy. If you want to know how to build your own homemade pen using just a handful of low cost materials, don't miss the following tutorial from Joaquín Seguí (@joaquinsegui), a graphic designer specialized in calligraphy:

Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Care for Your Tools

Once you start practicing calligraphy, you will find that you have to take the best care of your tools to prevent them from getting damaged. In this tutorial, calligraphy artist Bego Viñuela (@caligrafiabilbao) will show you how to clean, dry, preserve and keep your calligraphy tools in good condition.

Brush Pen Tutorial: Basic Strokes of the Letters

An essential step to get started in calligraphy is to learn to handle the brush and to release your hand. The expert in italic calligraphy Bego Viñuela (@caligrafiabilbao) teaches you the basics to handle the brush pen and to be able to draw beautiful letters, full of strength and visual impact.

Calligraphy Tutorial: Basic Brush Pen Strokes

The brush pen has the quality of creating calligraphy that looks organic. When you master this tool, you will feel ready to create more letters and find your own style. The calligrapher Ana Hernández (@ana_hera) shows you the basic steps below.

Lettering Tutorial: The Basics of Beginning with a Brush

Hand lettering is distinguished on many occasions by the simplicity of its strokes. Another good way to practice is with a paintbrush. Lettering artist James Lewis (@jamesllewis) shows you how to prepare the necessary material, how to accommodate your hands and correct small errors in this tutorial.

Illustration Tutorial: Watercolor Lettering

You may not know it, but watercolor can also help you improve your hand lettering skills. Get a unique texture and appearance in your creations by practicing these five exercises that illustrator Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana) shares with you.

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