Free Guide: Key Elements for Defining your Brand

Discover the right questions to ask and find ways to bring your brand closer to your customers with this exclusive guide

The art of branding means knowing how to fit in a sector while standing out from competitors at the same time. This is where designer and creative director John Williamson (@mr_john_williamson) comes in, helping companies connect their products and services in a coherent and deferential way with all their stakeholders.

As the founder of Agencia YOU in Madrid, John designs, develops, and integrates brand strategies with which companies reach their audiences and goals. To do this, he has developed a methodology called the Brand User Experience that aims to close the gap between brands and their audiences by seeking to understand both parties.

Designer and creative director John Williamson is a branding expert.

Here, he shares his comprehensive and exclusive guide, Key Elements for Defining your Brand featuring tips for building an engaging brand that satisfies both business needs and user experience.

What is the Brand User Experience methodology?

The Brand User Experience methodology helps you discover and communicate values and experiences - instead of just products and services - by asking and answering questions such as: "Who are we communicating to?", "What ideas are we sharing?", and "Where does this communication take place?"

The user-centric theory focuses on tools, methods, and deliverables to improve existing brands and create stronger ones. It's all about asking the right questions that in turn provide the answers for essential insights to develop strategic solutions.

Free Guide: Key Elements for Defining your Brand 4
John develops user-centered brand strategies to helps companies reach their audience on a deeper level.

If you want to develop the tools to differentiate your brand and stand out from others, download the guide below for tips on starting conversations with your target audience, the key questions to ask, how to connect, and more.

After clicking on the button below, you will find a file in .zip format in the Downloads folder on your computer containing the free Key Elements for Defining your Brand guide by John Williamson.

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This download will only be available until October 21, 2021. If you want to access the guide after that date, you can sign up to John Williamson’s course, Brand Strategy: Defining User Experience.

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