10 Online Adobe Photoshop Courses for Pro Photographers

Experts in Adobe Photoshop teach you how to retouch your photos and explore the possibilities of Camera Raw

Adobe Photoshop courses are the key that will unlock the door to achieving professional and quality images. Photographers around the world choose this program for its versatility and the range of tools it offers. But even for them, the post-production process brings with it several challenges. That's why everyone needs to regularly update their knowledge and discover the latest creative possibilities it offers.

If you are a photographer, be sure to check out these ten Adobe Photoshop courses. With the help of photo retouching experts, you will practice all kinds of techniques while discovering different settings. Some courses focus on the importance of Camera Raw. In addition to teaching you new useful tricks, these artists are sure to inspire you.

Adobe Photoshop for Color Correction, a course by Manu Torres

Photographer Manu Torres will show you how to adjust and manage the color of your photographs with absolute precision. You will also master how to develop your photos in Adobe Camera Raw, allowing you to get the most information from your photos and obtain professional results. Manu, a colorist who specializes in Photoshop, says that this software is the most suitable for working with color.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, a course by Oriol Segon

Photographer and retoucher Oriol Segon will help you to achieve professional results in his Adobe Photoshop course. Under his guidance, you will discover how Adobe Camera Raw development software can improve your workflow and get to grips with the relationship between the development settings you choose and what you want to convey. You'll be ready to take a step forward when it comes to digital treating your photographs.

Adobe Photoshop for Retouching Portraits, a course by Iris Encina

How do I make retouching look natural? If you are a portrait photographer, you may have asked yourself this question. Iris Encina, a professional photographer and retoucher, shares her effective methodology and techniques in this five-part Domestika Basics course. You will also learn what adjustments you can make in Camera Raw before editing your photos in Photoshop.

Food Photography Post-production in Photoshop, a course by Mario Olvera

When it comes to food photography, retouching can rouse the viewer's appetite. Digital artist, photographer, and retouching expert Mario Olvera creates compositions with food. In his course, he will shed light on advanced post-production techniques that will give your work a glossy, advertising finish. Mario will teach you how to deal with splashes, generate shadows and volume, and adjust the overall color balance.

Introduction to Photography Retouching with Photoshop, a course by Alain Perdomo

With more than 12 years of experience in advertising, fashion, and fantasy photography, Alain Perdomo is an expert in photographic post-production. In this course, you will learn all the basics of photo retouching and the most important tools Adobe Photoshop has to offer. This course will immerse you in this world and provide you with essential knowledge.

Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop, a course by Carol Lopes

Would you like your photographs to go beyond being just a visual language? Carol Lopes, post-production specialist, will show you how to use simple techniques to make your photo essay stand out. Under her guidance, you will enhance your images so that they communicate more complex ideas and emotions. In her Adobe Photoshop course, you will also learn how to get the best results working with Camera Raw.

Black and White Portrait Photography with Character, a course by jeosm

José Clemente, better known as Jeosm, is a specialist portrait photographer who has worked for brands such as Adidas, Atresmedia, and Penguin Random House. In his course, he will explain how to capture the person in front of your camera’s story and personality. Jeosm will guide you during the editing stage and teach you how to retouch images both in Camera Raw and Photoshop and give them character.

Introduction to Camera Raw, a course by Núria Aguadé

Photographer Núria Aguadé will guide you through the world of Camera Raw, a tool that will allow you to import and improve your images down to the smallest detail. Together with her, you will learn all the essentials: retouching by zones, using curves for contrast and editing, adding finishing touches to textures, focus, and exporting... At the end of this Domestika Basics you will be able to perfect your photographs even more.

Fine Art Fashion Photography, a course by Jvdas Berra

Your photo selection, color correction, and the treatment you apply to your photos will all contribute to defining your photography style. To help you make the right choices, fashion photographer Jvdas Berra will explain how to get the result you are looking for. You're sure to be inspired by everything shared by this artist, who, according to Forbes magazine is “revolutionizing fashion photography in Mexico".

Photograph Retouching for Advertising, a course by Jonathan Chafloque

If you want to improve your workflow for an advertising assignment, this course will take you through all the stages: from receiving the brief to delivering the final artwork. Photo retoucher and graphic designer Jonathan Chafloque will guide you through the most important Photoshop techniques. Thanks to this course, you will be able to create an image advertising a product that makes an impact.

Learn to perfect your retouching skills with experts with these courses in Adobe Photoshop.

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