Digital Collage in Photoshop: Composition and Visual Effects

A course by Nick Pedersen
Digital Artist and Illustrator. Salt Lake City, United States.
Joined February 2020
, Digital Artist and Illustrator

Create fantastic worlds with a meaningful message through montage and retouching

  • 100% Positive reviews (31)
  • 1025 students
  • Audio: English
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Digital Collage in Photoshop: Composition and Visual Effects

Create fantastic worlds with a meaningful message through montage and retouching

  • 100% Positive reviews (31)
  • 1025 students
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“My artwork is primarily inspired by my experience with nature and environmentalism, motivated by my concern for the future due to the effects of climate change, pollution, deforestation and other environmental impacts humans have had on the planet.”

Nick Pedersen is a digital artist and illustrator who uses collage to depict the modern conflicts of man and nature. In this course, he teaches how to create elaborate, realistic digital compositions with a strong and meaningful message. Using Photoshop, learn Nick’s professional techniques for creating award-winning digital collages for brands like Adobe, Vogue, and Patagonia.

About this course

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. Pre-Planning
  • U3
    U3. Compositing
  • U4
    U4. Retouching
  • FP
    FP Final Project
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Start your course by meeting Nick and learning about his experience as an artist. He takes you through some of his most interesting projects and presents you to a few of his favorite artists in the fields of photography, digital imaging, and contemporary art. Then, learn about the general structure of this course and get prepped for your digital collage.

Discover how to add messages and meaning to your images and learn how to start building a concept by making sketches and a moodboard. Explore some essential concepts for photography and collage like the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Nick shows you where to gather high-quality source material and how to organize and edit your visual resources.

Take a look at the Photoshop workspace, see how to set up a background template, and learn how to import images with Camera Raw. Practice some different techniques for making selections and separating an image from its background using layer masks. Then, see how to build and compose your layers to create a complete layout for your collage.

In the final unit, focus on using retouching techniques to add depth, dimension, and unique finishing touches to your image. Take a look at some useful repair tools and filters before seeing how to use adjustment layers for color, contrast, and lighting. Discover how to apply special effects using blending modes for shadows, highlights, and other techniques for enhancing your project. Close the course by learning how Nick finishes his images and prepares them for different mediums, from social media to large-scale prints.

What is this course's project?

Create a unique, eye-catching digital collage using your own photographs or images from online resources.

Projects by course students

Who is it for?

This course is for photographers, designers, illustrators, and aspiring digital artists who are interested in learning the basics of high-end compositing and retouching.

What you need

To take this course, you will need some basic knowledge of digital photography and image handling (importing, organizing, etc.). Notions of Adobe Photoshop are also nice to have.

You will need a computer with Photoshop installed. Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, and a graphics tablet are also recommended, but not essential.


1025 Students
31 Reviews
100% Positive ratings
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Nick Pedersen

A course by Nick Pedersen

Digital Artist and Illustrator

Nick Pedersen is a photo-based digital artist and illustrator whose work primarily focuses on nature and environmental issues. He holds a photography degree and an MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in New York. His artwork has been featured in galleries across the USA and internationally, including at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Paradigm Gallery, and Arch Enemy Arts.

He has published two artist books featuring his long-term personal projects, Sumeru and Ultima. His award-winning images have allowed him to work on commercial projects for companies like Adobe, Patagonia, and the Nature Conservancy. His work has also been featured in publications like Vogue, Create Magazine, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Photoshop User, and After Capture.


  • U1


    • Introduction
    • Influences
    • What Will We Do in the Course?
  • U2


    • Concept
    • Composition
    • Source Material
  • U3


    • Workspace
    • Selections
    • Layers and Masks
    • Complete Layout
  • U4


    • Adjustments
    • Light and Shadow
    • Special Effects
    • Final Touches
  • FP

    Final Project

    • Digital Collage in Photoshop: Composition and Visual Effects

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Digital Collage in Photoshop: Composition and Visual Effects. A Photography, and Video course by Nick Pedersen

Digital Collage in Photoshop: Composition and Visual Effects

A course by Nick Pedersen
Digital Artist and Illustrator. Salt Lake City, United States.
Joined February 2020
  • 100% Positive reviews (31)
  • 1025 students