How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips

Experts reveal their secrets and tutorials to exploit the potential of your videos on YouTube

Remember when we believed that to succeed on YouTube you only needed a good video? That is not the only key factor. If you want to create a solid profile you need technical knowledge.

There are some secrets that will allow you to make sure that you are doing the right thing so that that video that cost you so much, reaches as many people as possible. Some Domestika experts give you access to these techniques through their tips. If you are interested in learning more, just click on the red title to read the full details.

YouTube Tutorial: Tips to Give Your Videos Visibility Online

Director Lyona Ivanova (@lyona) has created pieces for musical artists such as Aitana, Love of Lesbian, Carlos Sadness and Amaral. She knows perfectly that behind her art there are not only production and direction demands, but also diffusion. For this reason, she has become a specialist in what makes a good circulation of a video within YouTube. In this article she proves it herself.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 2
Learn what data you should give YouTube so that your videos circulate more.

YouTube Tutorial: How to Upload Videos, Step by Step

If you've never uploaded a video to YouTube before and doing so gives you a certain stage fright, you'll want to follow Kaos's tips (@estudioKatastrofico). This successful youtuber, illustrator and writer graduated in Fine Arts, began uploading videos to the platform in 2011 and, since then, he has not stopped exploring the way of telling stories through drawing in audiovisual format.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 4
Kaos shows us the step by step to get started on YouTube.

Why You Need a Video Portfolio or YouTube Channel Trailer

In this article, Kaos (@estudiokatastrofico), who has more than 700,000 followers, once again guides us in building a solid channel. To achieve this, he places special emphasis on the process of creating a video portfolio or video curriculum that will be the trailer for our channel. Producing this video requires the development of the idea, the script, and the storyboard.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 6
Kaos shows us the importance of creating a storyboard.

4 Examples of Creative Portfolios on YouTube

Maybe you have already understood the importance of showing your work in a specific portfolio for YouTube, but what now? If you need fresh ideas, concrete examples, in this lesson, Kaos gives them to you. Through the detailed analysis of some profiles you will be able to understand the resources you have to put together your own presentation.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 8
See examples and get resources to create great content.

4 Key Tips for Creating Viral Content for Social Media

Viral, in the digital world, means that content has become extremely popular in a matter of hours or days, being shared by thousands or millions of people on social networks. Viral content generally has a very short shelf life but is also very effective. In this article, publicist Renato Farfán (@nato_farfan), an expert in creating content for social networks, shares four keys to generating ideas with viral potential.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 10
A viral content becomes very popular in a matter of hours.

7 Great Free Resources for YouTubers

There are certain sites and tools that will help you perfect and promote your YouTube channel to the fullest. YouTube Studio, TubeBuddy, Social Blade, Adobe Spark, and Crello are some of the tools discussed in this article.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 12
Adobe Spark is a very useful tool for YouTube content.

Monetization Platforms for Creatives

Currently, more and more creatives are turning to crowdfunding options to monetize their work. There are different platforms where followers can make small contributions to support the creative and artistic work of an artist. In this article there are some basic considerations about platforms like Kickstarter, Memberful, Patreon, and YouTube, among others.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 14
Kickstarter, Memberful, Patreon, YouTube or which one?

How to Create Your Own Digital Media Plan

Foncho Ramírez-Corzo (@cholutions) is a specialist in Digital Marketing and Google Adwords Professional and has more than 18 years of experience with recognized global brands. In this article, he shares with you some tips to help you if you are planning to develop a media plan but have never done it before.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 16
Learn how to develop an effective media plan.

5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music

Music libraries are increasingly necessary to create audiovisual projects. Not only do they offer the possibility of producing unique pieces with elements that perfectly fit your needs, but also, through them, you can build your own style. Of course, you have to invest enough time to choose the right tracks and not end up using the most popular ones. In this article you will discover 5 platforms where you can start your exploration.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 18
If you don't create music, you should know where to get right-free sounds.

5 Websites For Free Stock Videos

Discover the best sites for downloading free footage to use for your video projects in the top sites for downloading free stock videos to use in whatever project you’re currently working, be it audiovisual or web. All of the sites we’re recommending are free both for personal and commercial use, and some of them even offer photography, music, sound, and motion graphics content as well.

How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips 20
Discover the archives that you can search by category or using tags.

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