4 Examples of Creative Portfolios on YouTube

Discover the possibilities of video and YouTube as a way of showing off your talent to lots and lots of people

Although it may not be the most popular platform for presenting portfolios, YouTube can be very effective at showing off your work and creative processes. Juan Bermúdez–better known as Kaos (@estudiokatastrofico)–is a YouTuber, illustrator, and writer with a degree in Fine Art. In his course, YouTube: Creating a Channel from Scratch, he will teach you the advantages of using this social network as a means to make your work more visible and what to keep in mind.

Here he lists some of his favorite creative portfolios on YouTube and the strategies they use to showcase their products or their creative process:

Little King Goods

This channel belongs to a leather craftsman who sells products such as wallets, belts, purses, and watch straps. Their videos give the viewer a unique insight into the creative processes behind making each piece. What makes Little King Goods stand out is that customers can purchase the materials and tools and assemble pieces themselves, in addition to buying the finished product. This YouTube channel also teaches its customers DIY methods, showing them how to make the leather objects themselves.

Sara Tepes

Unlike Little King Goods, Illustrator Sara Tepes targets a much broader audience. On her YouTube channel, she teaches her viewers new drawing skills and creative processes through her illustration tutorials. Among her followers are cartoonists and amateur artists looking to improve their techniques and learn how to draw series.

Pablo Cimadevila

What makes Pablo Cimadevila's channel such a success is that it focuses on a niche discipline–jewelry–that has few competitors on YouTube. This, together with the quality of his work and the care he takes in presenting the entire creative process, has resulted in him amassing a loyal following; his videos often end up going viral.

Estudio Katastrófico

Estudio Katastrófico is Juan Bermudez’s own YouTube channel, which he launched in 2011. At the time, he didn’t have a clear strategy in mind. However, after a few years, it became a channel dedicated to drawing and sketching. He soon realized that focusing on a specific topic and targeting a specific audience was the best way to attract more followers and increase views, in the same way that publishing videos regularly will also result in greater visibility.

In his course, YouTube: Creating a Channel from Scratch, Juan Bermúdez will show you how to build a community around your work and promote your portfolio.

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