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5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music

Give your audiovisual projects an original touch with these free audio resources

Free music and sound libraries are a staple for creating video projects. They don’t only help you produce unique pieces with audio elements adjusted to your needs, but they help build your style.

You’ve got to invest sufficient time to choose the right track instead of just the most popular ones. That way, you’ll make more professional and original projects.

That’s why we’ve made this list of 5 platforms so you can find the perfect feel among an enormous variety of options.

NoCopyrightSounds (NCS)

This record label is one of the most practical and high-quality resources around for free music. NCS was founded by a British entrepreneur Billy Woodford in 2011 and, although his original idea was to provide music to video game developers, it’s possible to use his library for all kinds of audiovisual projects published on YouTube or Twitch.

The collection is predominantly electronic music, and the only requirement is to credit the musicians and the platform.

HolFix Royalty Free Music

This platform’s music producer makes pieces for public use for no cost. Just as with others, the only requirement is to credit appropriately. You can see their full download catalog here.


This platform is catered towards students, independent film producers, and any other filmmakers with nonprofit projects. As you may have guessed, the brain behind this is Richard Melville Hall, the American musician made a collection of his tracks—some of which were unreleased—publicly available so anyone can use his music as the soundtrack to their projects. You can find the full project here. Below he explains how this idea came to him.


Launched in 2014, it’s probably the most popular platform for finding rights-free music. It shares the work of hundreds of artists and composers from around the world and is a favorite among YouTubers and independent producers who can monetize their videos if they credit appropriately. You will find diverse genres, from epic to orchestral, hip hop to electronic. Consult their catalog here.


As well as offering a video catalog, this site has a rights-free music and sound library. You don’t need to subscribe or credit to make use of it. Ideal for YouTube content, podcasts, and online advertising. See all the options here.

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