9 Free Tutorials: Creativity to Get You Through Blue Monday

Change the color of what is considered the saddest day of the year with these free creative tutorials

It's been over a decade since the term "Blue Monday" was first used to refer to the saddest day of the year, and a formula was even devised to calculate it. In the Northern Hemisphere, where winter is in full swing and the days are still excessively short, there seems to be a consensus that this is one of the most depressing days on the calendar, so we strive to find alternatives and ways to make this third Monday in January shine a little brighter.

To collaborate in this arduous task we have selected five tutorials to awaken your creativity that will help you overcome Blue Monday by making you start up the right side of the brain:

Design Tutorial: 5 Ways to Be a Better Illustrator

In many cases, being a great illustrator does not depend on having the best technical skills. The secret of some artists and creatives is that they pay attention to the details and the little things that separate a professional job from an amateur one. In this tutorial, editorial illustrator Emma Hanquist (@emmahan) shares 5 basic tips to improve the quality of your work.

Instagram Tutorial: How to Create Attention-Grabbing Photo Captions

or all your publications on social networks to be a success and reach a greater number of followers, one aspect that you should not neglect are the texts that accompany your photos or videos. In this tutorial, photographer Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) gives you basic tips to work on your captions so that all your posts have coherence and appeal.

Writing Tutorial: 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

The nightmare of every creative has always been the blank page, which seems to overshadow all our concerns. To overcome doubts, fears, and creative block, writer Shaun Levin (@shaun_levin) shares valuable tips for coping with writer's block with three fun activities.

Watercolor Tutorial: How to unblock your creativity

Another effective way to deal with creative blockage is through experimentation. Regardless of your creative discipline, the designer and illustrator Alinailustra (@ anlinailustra) will present you with a practical exercise to start your creative engines. In it you will use watercolor and its stains to create unique and original characters.

Creativity Tutorial: How to Find Inspiration to Create Stories

Inspiration is not something that has to come to you as if by magic, but with a couple of tricks you can turn any idea into a specific project. In this tutorial the writer Alberto Chimal (@albertochimal) shares some useful tips for you to enter a creative flow through everyday elements.

Storytelling Tutorial: Key Ingredients for Telling Your Personal Story

Storytelling is the art of telling stories, but contrary to what it might seem at first glance, it is not limited to the literary field. Creatives from many disciplines use it to engage their audience and create a personal brand. In this tutorial, the consultant Antonio Núñez (@antonionunezstorytelling) tells you about the key ingredients to build your personal story and captivate your audience.

Design Tutorial: How to Overcome a Creative Block

In this tutorial, illustrator Cecy Meade (@cecymeade) gives you some of her best tips to help you get started creating, tackling the blank, and seeking creativity in the most unexpected place. Golden tips from a great professional that serve both beginners and more experienced creatives who, at any given moment, face a creative block.

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw from Your Imagination

Imagination can become your greatest ally when you are trying to create incredible worlds; Beyond using real models, it is likely that your own mind is the one that guides you on the best path to draw. In this tutorial, Violeta Hernández (@soyvioleta) explains her masterful tricks to draw with her imagination.

Illustration Tutorial: How to Tackle the Blank Page

Fear, terror and enormous despair is what many feel when they stand in front of a blank canvas or sheet. To combat this widespread syndrome, the illustrator Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) proposes a series of drawing exercises that will allow you to let go of your hand and start drawing while playing without even realizing it.


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