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Illustration Tutorial: How to Tackle the Blank Page

Adolfo Serra shares three drawing exercises that will get your pencil moving and help you to overcome a creative block

Illustrator Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) insists that you should never obsess over what the final image will look like and, instead, keep trying until you achieve something that feels fresh. Here he shares three ways to unleash your creativity when you’re experiencing a creative block, let your pencil and mind soar free, and create something special.

1. Draw with your eyes closed

Serra’s first tip is to try drawing with your eyes closed. In other words, draw the character that has caused the block­, which in Adolfo’s case is a fox, from memory. You can look for references to inspire you, however, when you are drawing, it’s essential that you rely entirely on your memory and don't look at any examples. Although the result might not be what you’re expecting, hopefully this spontaneous drawing will provide you with something to work on and develop.


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