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Creativity Tutorial: How to Find Inspiration to Create Stories

Learn how to build your own writing process, with Alberto Chimal

Forget about the old clichés, inspiration is nothing more than a good idea turned into something concrete after lots of work and constant effort. This is one of the lessons from writer and teacher Alberto Chimal (@albertochimal), who offers a solution to anyone who suffers from creative block: practice, practice, and practice some more.

In the tutorial below, this creator of stories for adults and children, film scripts, and other formats and finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize, presents tips that will help you get into a creative flow, using simple everyday elements to inspire you. Find out more in the video:

5 steps to build a writing process

1. Turn anecdotes, news, places and people into starting points

If you lack original ideas, train your brain to pay attention to good stories that people tell you, to news that can lead to a story, to places that can provide the common thread of a literary creation. Great novels do not appear by magic in the heads of their writers; they are built from pieces of facts, situations, memories, and a lot of observation.


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