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7 Free Tutorials to Decorate Your Spaces

Discover practical tips on how to beautify your home with your own hands

Our house is our refuge, our territory. It is the place where we disconnect from the hostility of the world and create a parallel, comforting and restorative reality.

To experience it in this way, we must appropriate the spaces, impregnate them with our personality and imprint them with our personal style. And that is exactly what we do when, with our own hands, we create objects that will live in our house or we undertake modifications and use interior design techniques that will beautify it.

With these 7 tutorials you will be able to create design pieces and make decisions to make your home an even more placid place. If beside watching the video you want to read full instructions for each tutorial, please click on its red title to do so.

Interior Design Tutorial: How to Choose Your Color Palette

In any interior design project, the choice of color is extremely important as it will affect the entire project, from the materials to the furniture. To make the right decision, Vasso Asfi (@studiolav) explains some basic principles and gives us concrete advice to reduce the margin of error.

7 Free Tutorials to Decorate Your Spaces 3

Weaving Tutorial: Macramé Carpet Knot

The carpet knot is a simple and versatile technique, ideal to start your macrame practice. In this tutorial, textile artist Belén Senra (@belensenra) shows us how to do it step by step.

Interior Design Tutorial: How To Light A Space

The architecture and interior design studio Nook Architects (@nookarchitects) explains how to illuminate a public or private environment in the best possible way, to enhance a space and even to positively affect our mood.

Ceramics Tutorial: Painting Your Final Piece

The direct on-piece design is ideal for use in volumetric creations. On the one hand, it gives a very real vision of the finish that our work will have and, on the other, it allows drawing in real size on complicated dimensions. Step by step, Patricia, creator of the CHICHINABO INC (@chichinabo_inc) brand, teaches us how to create this type of design and transfer it to paper to scan and reproduce it whenever we want.

Ceramics Tutorial: How to make a rock-shaped flower pot from clay

For ceramist Xènia Bas (@xenia_bas), a good pot not only welcomes and supports a plant, but also highlights its beauty. In this tutorial, she teaches how to mold a stone-shaped clay pot with her hands that allows multiple variations.

Interior Design Tutorial: Tips to Use Color in Your Home

What is the 60-30-10 rule for interior design? How is a color palette defined and applied? In the following tutorial, interior decorator Sofía Saraví O'Keefe (@decolookbook) explains them to us.

Botanical Design Tutorial: How to Design Frames with Succulents

Learn how to turn succulents and their shapes into beautiful drawings with this tutorial by Ceci de Compañía Botánica (@ciabotanica). She gives us very precise indications when it comes to approaching design and composition.

Now that you have some ideas, you can try to make your space a better place.

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