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11 Basic Concepts to Get You Started in The 3D World

Learn about some areas of work and the possibilities of 3D in modeling, illustration, and animation

If you are thinking of getting started in the world of 3D, or want to expand your field of work, we compiled this list for you. Learn about some of the main creative areas of 3D modeling and animation.

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Where to Download 3D Objects for Free

Discover some of the best platforms to find 3D objects on the internet, aimed both at those who are starting in the world of 3D and professionals who seek resources to make renders when they are working with Cinema 4D.

11 Basic Concepts to Get You Started in The 3D World 2

What is a 3D Rendering?

Generally speaking, rendering for 3D and CG work, also known as 3D rendering, is the process of reproducing an image based on three-dimensional data stored within a computer. Find out what it is for and what kind of software you can use.

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Cornelius Dammrich

What Is a Rigger? Discover the Professionals Behind SFX

A rigger is a skeleton maker for 3D animated characters. Each of these characters, in order to move correctly, needs an internal structure of bones and joints, and the rigger is the professional in charge of building it. Know what their job consists of.

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2D and 3D Animation: What Are Their Differences and Uses

Beyond the obvious visual outcome, the differences between 2D and 3D modeling and animation formats have implications related to creative tools, skills, goals, and profiles. Know the importance of knowing the characteristics and requirements that each style involves.

11 Basic Concepts to Get You Started in The 3D World 8

Motion Graphics: What Is It and What’s It For?

Motion graphics are a design style that is gaining in popularity. People have been found to pay more attention to videos than images, even if they are simple GIFs with a bit of movement, or a complex 3D project.

What Is Matte Painting for Cinema?

Matte painting is the art behind the scenes and realistic scenes in the cinema. In the early days of cinema, movie sets were painted by hand or using models. Thanks to digital technology, incredibly realistic backgrounds are created using a variety of software, be it 2D or 3D.

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What Kind of 3D Projects Can You Create Using Maya?

Discover some examples of the projects that you can also do with Maya (or other software that allows digital painting and 3D modeling). If you are also a lover of cinema, television and fantastic worlds, dare to explore this universe of digital possibilities.

11 Basic Concepts to Get You Started in The 3D World 14
Albert Valls Punsich

What is voxel art?

The voxel, used in voxel art, is that pixel in volumetric or 3D form. Think of the pixel as a simple square and the voxel as a cube. It's that simple, and therefore the reason many artists start their careers in 3D modeling and animation working with voxels - after all, it's also a fun technique to experiment with and create.

11 Basic Concepts to Get You Started in The 3D World 16
Zach Soares

5 Examples of Animation Combining 2D and 3D

Choosing between 2D and 3D animation will actually depend on your personal preferences and the type of project you are about to develop. But there is also the possibility of using 2D and 3D animation in a single project, creating pieces with a unique style with softwares like After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Andrea Gendusa

5 Spectacular Animated Typography Projects

Another area of ​​application of your 3D skills is in the world of typography. Meet five exponents of experimental animated typography that will show you the scope that this creative discipline can have.

Holke 79

5 Styles of Art Direction for Motion Graphics

Understanding each style of art and knowing how to evaluate its intention and utility will help you develop the visual universes that best suit each of your projects, and to conceptualize ideas that can be transformed into animated graphics that communicate exactly what you are looking for.


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