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5 Spectacular Animated Typography Projects

Holke 79 shares his favorite examples of typography in motion

Borja Holke, also known as Holke 79 (@holke79), is a graphic and motion graphics designer with over a decade of experience in animation. He works in digital composition, 2D and 3D animation, animated typography, storyboards and publicity.

Today, he shares five exponents of experimental animated typography to show what can be achieved in this creative discipline. Which one is your favorite?

Nikita Iziev

This designer based in the UK concentrates on the intersection between typography, motion, and graphic design. They’re known for their elegant black and white style, which works to remove the barriers between the analog and digital.

Nikita Iziev
Nikita Iziev

Kurppa Hosk

Based in Sweden, this international branding agency combines brand research with beauty and audacious artistry.

Mother Design

An independent branding and design studio that, in their own words, “specialize in not specializing”. They work in everything from brand architecture to experimental design, sound design, and art direction.

Pangram Pangram

A project from designer Mathieu Desjardins, whose objective is to give free access to quality typographies, especially created for designers. “We feel that the greatest number of people should be able to share, see, and use our fonts,” he affirms.

Pangram Pangram
Pangram Pangram


This design and digital typography studio is based in Spain. It was established by Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González. They support students, designers, and agencies with free and affordable fonts.


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