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5 Courses to Get You Started in Lettering

Learn to master the basics of lettering with top professionals in this field

For many artists, letters are their greatest muse. These artists extract a sentiment from a word that catapults their creativity. Lettering is a medium that many use to capture their passion for letters.

Discover the methods, tips, and unique visions of these five lettering experts, who will help you to channel emotion through illustrated letters:

Illustrated Digital Lettering, a course by Birgit Palma

Austrian illustrator and artist Birgit Palma shows you have to convey meaning with words through shape, color, and volume. Her projects are brimming with positive energy and have so much more to say than a plain and simple word. In this course, you’ll learn to create expressive letters.

Introduction to Brush Lettering, a course by James Lewis

Lettering artist James Lewis improved his life by getting better at writing. His work is full of character, and his lettering projects are utterly unique. In this course, he’ll tell you the story behind some of the most famous logos in history while encouraging you to develop the skills needed to create stand-out logos in the future.

The Golden Secrets of Lettering, a course by Martina Flor

Martin Flor offers up basic lessons in lettering for every enthusiast looking to learn how to draw letters professionally. In this course, the Argentinian artist reveals her valuable secrets.

The Art of Record Covers: Illustration Meets Lettering, a course by Steve Simpson

A chorus of a song has the power to express a million feelings and arouse endless emotions. Then there’s the artwork for the record, which brings together all of these sensations and channels them through illustration and design. In this course, Steve Simpson will show you how to master lettering, an ideal medium for this format.

Introduction to Lettering with Procreate, a course by Daniel Hosoya

Just browse galleries of projects created using Procreate, and you’ll be blown away by what this digital drawing app offers up. It is an excellent tool for developing your lettering skills, as Daniel Hosoya demonstrates in this course.


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