Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards

Australian designer Marc Edwards shows us how to create perfect icons in Illustrator in just a few seconds

Icons. They’re everywhere: a universal language to express all sorts of words, ideas, and concepts, synthesizing what we want to say and communicating it directly. Mapping language is an art that not everyone is good at, as well as finding the logo that best says what we want it to, a designer faces the challenge of making sure anybody can recognize it in an instant. Excellence also requires simplicity and speed. Marc is an expert at this and he was kind enough to share some of what he’s learned on his Twitter profile.

Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards 1

Making vector icons with “Speedruns”

Edwards calls these mini classes “Speedruns”, taking the phrase from the world of video games used to refer to competitions to complete a game in the quickest time possible. The analogy is perfect as he uses a gif of just a couple of seconds to show us the fastest way to make a vector icon, something you can surely do a number of other ways

Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards 3

Marc Edwards’ figures are based on polygons, straight lines and simple shapes. This is the foundation of his success. Using the tools Illustrator provides, he can play with the negative and positive space with a combination of curves, lines and bezier curves to create a heart with just two simple lines.

Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards 5
Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards 6

Marc Edwards, (@marcedwards)


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