Gift Ideas for Creatives

Surprise your favorite creative with a new way to express their ideas. Choose from a selection of popular Domestika courses and empower their creativity with your gift.

Creative Without Limits

For those who never get tired of surprises, we’ve got course bundles that set your imagination free. Want even more? Get them a gift card and let them choose the perfect Domestika course for taking their creativity a step further this year.

Eternal Apprentice

If their hunger for learning something new is insatiable, then the ideal gift is a Domestika Basics. Give them the opportunity to learn design, illustration, or animation from scratch with renowned international experts.

Official Gift Creator

If you know someone who puts the time and effort into handmade gifts, then we’ve got you covered with this selection of courses. Inspire them with a new craft to add to their repertoire.

  • Creating Garments Using Crochet. A Craft course by Alicia Recio Rodríguez

    Best Seller Creating Garments Using Crochet

    A course by Alicia Recio Rodríguez

    Learn how to crochet garments by imitating the texture of two needles

    • 62885
    • 99% (3K)
    78% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Botanical Printing on Fabric and Paper. A Craft course by Anabel Torres

    Best Seller Botanical Printing on Fabric and Paper

    A course by Anabel Torres

    Learn how to transfer textures and colors to create patterns with flowers and plants

    • 10809
    • 99% (360)
    73% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Circular Macramé Techniques. A Craft course by Ancestral

    Best Seller Circular Macramé Techniques

    A course by Ancestral

    Learn how to create decorative pieces using circular patterns

    • 14364
    • 99% (590)
    78% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Pop-Up Book Creation. A Craft course by Silvia Hijano Coullaut

    Best Seller Pop-Up Book Creation

    A course by Silvia Hijano Coullaut

    Learn basic methods for creating your own pop-up book with height and dimension

    • 35149
    • 97% (1.2K)
    78% Disc. $44.90USD

The Artist in The Family

If they’ve usually got a pencil or a paintbrush in hand, give them courses in illustration and painting. Become the inspiration behind their next creative project.

The Decorator (of your home or theirs)

Here’s our advice: find a decoration course, give it to them as a present, and point out that place in your home that needs decorating. You can thank us later.

The Community Manager of the Group

If they love social media, creating content, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve got the perfect gift to turn their passion into their profession. Choose from this selection of courses in photography, brand management, digital marketing, and techniques for creating ideal content to watch them thrive professionally.

The Digital Canvas Artist

For creatives with a passion for illustration, we recommend this selection of courses to start illustrating on an iPad. Whether it’s color theory, lighting, or fantastic portraits, give them the latest tools and techniques to create a digital masterpiece. Make sure to let us know if their final project is a tribute to you, ok?

The Creativity Enthusiast

These 4 bundles include a course for every area and are ideal for creatives who love to experiment. Give them an opportunity to learn more about illustration, photography, marketing, and design this season.

This Is What Domestika Courses Are Like

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    Enjoy learning from home without a set schedule. You set your own timetable.

  • Front Row Seats

    Videos of the highest quality ensure that you don't miss a single detail. With unlimited access, you can watch them over and over.

  • Learn From the Best

    Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top experts in the creative sector.

  • Share Knowledge

    Ask questions, request feedback, offer solutions. Share learning with other students in the community.

  • Expert Instructors

    Each instructor teaches only what she/he does best, conveying true passion and excellence in every lesson.

  • Creative Community

    More than 5M creatives and growing. Domestika is the place to share and learn what you love.

  • Certificate Pro

    Demonstrate your course attendance with a certificate signed by the teacher. Get it with your Domestika PRO subscription

  • Professionally Developed Courses

    We selected top creatives and a team of experts to develop the courses. The result? You'll feel like you're working side by side with leading professionals.

At Domestika, you will find courses led by award-winning professionals such as four National Design Prize winners, one Pulitzer Prize winner, a Goya Award recipient, and a National Geographics Illustrator... They are the top experts in their fields, be it 3D, animation, design, photography, technology and more. Domestika is the largest online community for professionals in creative fields. A leading space for debate and advancement in which learning creative disciplines lies at its core.

How do gifts work in Domestika?

  • You select and buy the course

    We have courses for everyone: for those who love drawing intricate letters, for those who will rather type a code for web applications, for beginning designers and for active professionals. If you don't know what to give as a gift, we will be happy to give you some ideas, contact us and we will help you

  • A gift code is generated

    When you buy a course as a gift, we give you a unique code for you to share with the person you want to give it to. You'll be able to send instructions to redeem it along with the code itself. It's all very simple. Should there be any problems, we'll be happy to help you out.

  • Share your gift easily

    You'll be able to send the gift by email immediately, along with instructions. If you're using your phone, you'll be able to send it via WhatsApp and if you want to gift it in person, you'll be able to print out a card using your printer.