5 Free Watercolor Tutorials to Improve Your Technique

Learn how to make photo interventions, paint with a sponge, and unblock your creativity with the experts

Mastering the art of watercolor requires constant works and means you need to be open to integrating new tools into your armory in order to experiment. One of the best ways to achieve this is to observe fellow experts, learn about their creative processes, and discover fresh tips on how to perform specific techniques.

The following tutorials will help you learn new ways of approaching watercolor. They show you how to mix media like photography and painting, how to digitize your work in order to retouch it in Photoshop, and how to replace your brushes with a sponge.

Work by Carine Wallauer featured in the Domestika course: Coloring Photos with Watercolor.

Watercolor: art loved by artists and travelers

There are many reasons why watercolor is really popular with artists. Including its portability and the way it makes it easy to capture light on paper.

Watercolor painting is also a versatile way of reproducing all kinds of colors, shadows, and details: in short of copying reality onto paper. And it’s equally suitable for experimentation.

Before photography was invented, watercolor allowed travelers to capture the new sights they witnessed: portraits, landscapes, wildlife, and more. It became the preferred medium for travelers, botanists, zoologists, and explorers to depict their discoveries and show them to people back home.


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