Free Guide: How To Sew a Perfect V-Neck

Learn the tips and tricks for making your own dresses with a perfectly pointed V-neckline

Are you looking to make your wardrobe more sustainable? Learning to make your own clothes is one way of controlling the manufacturing process and choice of materials. It also allows you to let your imagination run wild and find your personal style without clinging to trends.

The designers behind the independent Italian tailors Nivule + Pesci Rossi (@nivule_pescirossi), Tania and Novella are all about slow fashion and handcrafting each piece with care.

Here, the pair share a free how-to guide for sewing a perfectly pointed V-neckline on a dress.

Independent design studio Nivule + Pesci Rossi champion the slow fashion movement.

To help you craft a V-neck with confidence, the downloadable, step-by-step guide includes detailed explanations accompanied by photographs so that you can easily follow every step of the process.

The tricks are part of their fashion design course, in which they teach you how to modify a clothing pattern to tailor different versions of the same dress. With them as your guides, you can discover each stage of this sustainable creative process and make your own '60s-style dress with a personal twist.

Free Guide: How To Sew a Perfect V-Neck 4
Nivule + Pesci Rossi teach aspiring dressmakers how to alter patterns to tailor different versions of the same dress.

Before you get started, for this technique, you will need to know how to turn a bias correctly and use your sewing machine with care. Also trusty sewing tools - pins, chalk, scissors, and even an iron - will be essential to help you keep everything in place.

Free download: How to Sew a Perfect V-Neckline

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This download will only be available until October 25, 2021. If you want to access the material after that date, you can sign up for Nivule + Pesci Rossi’s course, Design and Make a Dress from the '60s.

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