Challenge: Hanoch Piven is Faced With an Improvised Collage

Hanoch Piven, mixed media visual artist and expert in collage, takes on the Domestika Challenge

Hanoch Piven’s (@piven) work has featured in iconic magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and Der Speigel and won him the Society of Illustrators of New York's Gold Medal. He also publishes children’s books in which various textures and materials are woven together to build unexpected characters and universes.

The mixed media artist is an expert in making faces through the collage of objects. But how will he fare when confronted with our mysterious box? Find out in the video below:

If you liked this Challenge with Hanoch Piven, remember that you can learn to unblock and expand your creativity from him through collage and portraits on his online course Creativity Face to Face: A Playful Collage Journey.

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