Materials: Illustration Using Markers

Discover the materials you need to create Manga style drawings using marker pens, with illustrator Taniidraw

Tania Oksentiuk, aka Taniidraw (@taniidraw) is a freelancer illustrator specializing in comics, specifically manga.

Despite mastering different techniques, both manual and digital, her favorite method involves marker pens.

This video demonstrates her favorite materials and their basic differences. Discover her recommendations:

The materials you need to create Oriental illustrations with marker pens

1. Satin-finish paper for marker pens

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 4

Paper is a fundamental part of your work. It produces different effects depending on the type you choose. Ordinary paper has a smooth or satin finish and is best for beginners, for sketching and for general illustrations.

2. Watercolor paper

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 6

This tougher, heavier paper is textured and ideal for work that requires more detail and effects. Despite the name, it’s also great for pen drawings.

3. Fountain pens / technical pens

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 8
Materials: Illustration Using Markers 9

These pens have a very fine point and are therefore very versatile for both backgrounds and detailing. The ink dries very quickly, which avoids blotches as you draw.

4. Copic pens

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 11

Taniidraw recommends using Copic pens as these give you a light, fast-drying, fountain pen-like line with a clean finish.

5. Pen and ink

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 13
Materials: Illustration Using Markers 14

Fountain pens are very versatile. They can produce fine or thick lines depending on the pressure you use. And they also allow you to create fine details and to change nibs to achieve various thicknesses.

Taniidraw recommends using medium-fast drying ink.

6. Marker pens

Materials: Illustration Using Markers 16
Materials: Illustration Using Markers 17

Here again, Copic is one of Taniidraw’s favorite brands. Their Sketch range has more ink than their Ciao range but produces a similar line.

Finecolour pens have a hard, fine, nib and are more affordable.

The blender shown above allows you to correct any errors and create texture.

Like Taniidraw’s recommendations? Remember you can learn how to add life to your Japanese illustrations using marker pens in her online tutorial: Colored Marker Techniques for Manga.

English version by @studiogaunt

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